Legacies Season 3: Explanation of the end! Cléo and Landon.


Legacies are available on Syfy! If you want to know the explanation for the end of Season 3, read on! Just when you think you know where Legacies is headed, she gives you what that finale was. FYI, if you think the June 24 episode doesn't sound like a finale, you're right. It wasn't meant to be the end. There were originally 20 episodes in Season 3, but we ended with 16. We'll see the other four in the fall and see if Episode 20 would have been a better ending.

All in all, Season 3 ends a little unsatisfactorily, although maybe that's because we've been eagerly awaiting the Tribrid Hope, here's a recap of what happened at the end of the season. season 3 of Legacies. If you want to know everything about the Season 4 release, it's here.


The series once again struck a low blow by revealing at the end of Season 3 of Legacies that it wasn't the real Landon, but Malivore in his body. This revelation explains a lot. Since returning from prison, Landon is different, tougher, more self-confident, and equipped with new fighting skills that he didn't have before.

This revelation is excellent from a plot point of view for the next season. Malivore created Landon to be his ship, and it looks like the monster has finally achieved its goal. But that begs the question: what precisely happened to Landon? If it is still in her body, the story will resume its usual course. For a few seasons, the characters of Hope and Landon have been somewhat stagnant, and it was great to see the character that viewers have been led to believe to be Landon evolve this season.


An unexpected twist in the finale was the fact that Clarke turned human. Clarke has been an interesting character throughout all three seasons of Legacies, a likable figure who has nonetheless been an obvious villain at times. As Landon's half-brother, there's no denying that Clarke has been wronged in their relationship.

The big test of whether or not he was truly sincere at the end of Season 3 will be how he reacts the next time he is faced with the choice of doing the right thing or saving himself.


The fact that Cléo inspired Malivore and that she is now trapped in Malivore has given rise to two interesting storylines. First of all, it's unclear exactly how Cléo's power of inspiration works. He is certainly powerful. Malivore is found in Landon's body, but simultaneously all of the people and monsters that Malivore has consumed still reside in him, as Malivore is both a creature and a place, simultaneously.

If Cléo hit Malivore with such a powerful bolt of inspiration, it's entirely possible that at least some of the residual inspiration affected some of the inhabitants of Malivore, including the real Landon, since he was still trapped in his own body. If Cléo is also trapped in Malivore, this raises a second interesting possibility. Cléo could meet the real Landon in Malivore.

More than once in the finale, Cleo remarked that this new Landon was very different from the old Landon Hope had described to her, foreshadowing that in Season 4 of Legacies, she will finally meet the real Landon. With the inspirational powers of Cléo and Landon being made of Malivore, it is certain that the fact that these two teams up from the inside will lead to significant development. Malivore might well regret consuming them both, while also giving Cleo and Landon a better story arc for Legacies.

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