The MagSafe Power Pack Air is a magnetic wireless charger. Thanks to it you can recharge your iPhone 12 quickly. In addition, no need to worry about the wires since there are none. The charger is equipped with a magnetic charge so you just have to stick it on the back of your smartphone.

MagSafe Power Pack Air: a 10W fast charge for your iPhone 12

Six months after unveiling it's iPhone 12, Apple has yet to launch a magnetic portable battery, nor a new version of its Smart Battery Case. However, the MagSafe Power Pack Air fast charger can charge your iPhone 12 at breakneck speed.

The future of wireless charging

Designed specifically for the iPhone 12, the Power Pack Air charges the device up to three times faster. Indeed, with a power of 10W and more wirelessly and 22W when plugged in, the power supply box offers very fast charging.

In addition, the charging case is equipped with a magnetic charge that allows you to simply drop it on the back of your smartphone. No need to bother with wires anymore.

The characteristics of the MagSafe Power Pack Air

First, the AirPower Pack works even if your iPhone 12 has a cover. However, it must not exceed 6mm thick otherwise you will have to remove it to use your MagSafe wireless charger.

Regarding the aspect nothing extravagant, simple and elegant the case is available in two colors, black and white. It is compatible with all versions of iPhone 12 i.e., iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 pro, and 12 pro-Max. Note that the charger has a 5000 mAh battery. This is approximately 1.3 times the full charges for iPhone 12 Pro Max, just over 1.5 times the charges for iPhone 12 / Pro, and 2 times the charges for iPhone 12 mini.

The Power Pack Air charges via USB-C (cable included) which doubles as a 22W output. The device also has an additional USB-A port for charging another device.

The power button is on the side and at the bottom are four LEDs to indicate the battery status. Finally, the device includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty.

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