Microsoft Edge finally allows you to share tabs between PC and Android

A new link-sharing feature between PC and Android smartphones is coming to Microsoft Edge. An option that will save time and improve the user experience.

Microsoft Edge has just introduced a new feature that allows users to share their tabs between PC and Android, just like on Chrome. It was through the Engadget media that we discovered this new feature. The latter will save time by avoiding sending links by message or other solution.

An update that appeals to users

Microsoft Edge keeps releasing updates to make life easier for its users. Microsoft's browser took inspiration from Google Chrome to improve its experience. Edge finally allows users to share tabs between its devices. This novelty will appeal to a large number of users.

With the new functionality, you will no longer need to message the link or go through history to view it on another device. The "Send link [Device name]" option allows you to directly transfer the tab between PC and Android devices.

On a computer, the user must right-click on the link from Microsoft Edge. On an Android device, he simply has to go to the “Share” menu.

Transfer links to Microsoft Edge with ease!

Once the link is shared, we receive a notification on the second device to open the page. To take advantage of this new feature, the user must have Microsoft Edge Canary version 92.0.873.0 on their computer and 92.0.870.0 on their Android device. In addition, he must sign in to the Microsoft account on both devices. At this time, the feature is not present on macOS.

By integrating this functionality into its browser, Edge continues to draw inspiration from Google. The latter is doubling down on its efforts to provide the user with a great experience on their Chrome browser and Edge is following its example. What do you think? Will this feature be useful for you? Microsoft Edge has changed a lot in recent months with the arrival of a dedicated mode for children to protect them from the dangers of the Internet.

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