Microsoft Outlook's iOS app has just received an update that adds voice dictation, better search, and better calendar integration, among other things.

Microsoft Outlook: the iOS application will receive new features

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used software and applications in the world. Since its inception, the service has improved greatly. The Verge outlet reported that Outlook will soon be able to compose an email, manage your calendar, and more using your voice thanks to Cortana.

Dictate emails from Outlook on iOS

Among the many new features that Microsoft has incorporated into Outlook's iOS application is email diction. You can save precious time when you are at work. Moreover, an icon with a plus sign will indicate that it is possible to write, finally, to dictate an email using your voice.

This is a feature that has been present in the desktop version of Microsoft Word and Outlook for many years. Besides, you will be able to do almost everything using your voice. Indeed, the Redmond firm has made it so that you no longer need to interact with your iPhone.

Find contacts, schedule your calendar, your voice can do it too

In the coming weeks, the addition of voice to the various features of Microsoft Outlook will also allow you to search for a contact or an email address within the application itself. To go more, you can at the same schedule an appointment on your calendar, accept an appointment or on the contrary cancel it, all thanks to your voice - and Cortana.

In addition, Microsoft Graph will allow you to quickly search for a file to include as an attachment. For the older ones, know that this is not the first time that Microsoft has achieved such a feat. Indeed, the firm had previously imported these voice features on Play my Emails on Outlook Mobile.

By the way, do you remember that dearest Cortana? The app created in 2015 closed its doors a few months ago, which is one way of resurrecting her - although she's not our friend on Halo.

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