Realme announces the launch of its new laptop and tablet at the realme GT global launch event on June 15th.

Realme will release laptop and tablet

At the Realme GT Global Launch Event, which will take place on Tuesday, June 15, Realme will take the opportunity to launch new products. Via a press release, the Chinese brand announced that it will expand into new product categories. Indeed, the brand will soon market a laptop and a tablet.

The right time to get started

As Realme said in its release, the smartphone brand has the fastest growing. An activity which over the past three years has grown by leaps and bounds, particularly with smartphones such as the Realme 8 or Realme 7i which have marked people's minds. The attributes of the brand, ie cutting-edge technology, and avant-garde design, have won over young users all over the world.

The launch of Realme in new segments, therefore, makes sense. The brand wants to take advantage of this success in the smartphone market to facilitate its entry into new product categories. In the long term, the Chinese firm wishes to offer a complete experience. Indeed, by integrating laptops and tablets with smartphones and AIoT products, it wants to unify the user experience.

A laptop inspired by the MacBook

Two days before the firm's press release, Madhav Max had already teased the laptop's arrival. Indeed, the CEO of India and Europe of Realme had given a glimpse of the latter's surface.

In the meantime, other pictures have been unearthed by Android Authority. New photos that relate to the design of a MacBook. The PC looks compact and with slim bezels. MacBook inspiration is even found in the way the product is presented. Indeed, at the time, Steve Jobs had posted a similar photo where the device could be seen in a cardboard envelope.

Realme doesn't reveal too much

Without any details on its technical specifications, we can still assume that Realme's laptop would be 13 or 14 inches in size. An assumption that should be confirmed on June 15. Beyond that, we can expect a very competitive price placement, as the brand knows very well.

Regarding the Realme tablet, no information was disclosed other than the name. Sure enough, brand marketing director Francis Wong posted a poll on Twitter two days ago to elect the device's name. The two proposals, realme Pad, and realme Tab have been separated. Realme Tab won with 50.6% of the vote against 49.4% for Realme Pad.

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