Spotify, which put the package on podcasts, is still growing a wing following the takeover of Podz, a start-up dedicated to podcasts.

Spotify buys Podz, a start-up specializing in podcasts

Spotify is increasingly interested in the world of podcasts. The streaming platform has just bought the start-up Podz to please its listeners who are looking for new podcasts.

At the end of March, Spotify also acquired Locker Room, an application specializing in sports audio shows. Two months later, the app was reviewed by the streaming service and renamed Spotify Greenroom. To improve the discovery of podcasts, the company has just purchased Podz.

Podz to improve podcast discovery on Spotify

In recent months, companies have taken an increasing interest in the world of podcasts. Apple has already launched paid subscriptions on Apple Podcasts and Facebook is preparing to launch them on its social network.

Spotify is also interested in this universe. The purchase of Podz allows the streaming platform to please its users by improving the discovery of podcasts. The technology developed by the acquired start-up makes it possible to generate extracts from podcasts, which makes it increasingly easy to discover the content.

For Spotify, the purchase aims to "create and develop the best podcast discovery experience in the world." By acquiring Podz, the firm wants to take advantage of the experience of the start-up's engineers and its designers to make the experience even better.

Integrate new technology into the podcast experience

“Using cutting-edge machine learning technology, Podz generates high-quality clips that allow users to view key moments in podcast episodes, which encourages them to discover and listen to new podcasts,” says teams at Spotify. By making this investment, the company wants to "bring Podz technology into the Spotify experience."

Without a doubt, the purchase of the start-up will be a plus for Spotify and especially for its users.

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