StartUp Season 3: Explanation of the end of the Netflix series!


The startUp is available on Netflix! If you want to know all about the explanation for the end of Season 3, read on! The first three installments of the series aired between 2016-2018, and the final episode “Trading Up” ends with the death of a major character.

In Startup Season 3, Nick Talman and Wes Chandler need Series B funding for their tech company Araknet. Meanwhile, their business partner Ronald Dacey a former Miami gangster plans to expose his colleagues and return to organized crime, while a former CIA agent, Rebecca Stroud, attempts to turn Izzy Morales against Nick and Ronald. Araknet loses more than 60 million users to a mysterious virus in the penultimate episode of the Netflix series, which creates significant friction between Nick and his investors.

The end of Startup Season 3 resolves Araknet’s financial woes, but a random act of violence forces Nick, Ronald, and Izzy to make a life-changing decision. Moreover, they will have to worry even more about government threats while trying to rebuild Araknet. To find out when Startup Season 4 will be released, read this. If you have any questions regarding the end of StartUp Season 3, read on!

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Ronald is understandably upset, but he has his problems. Even though he no longer lives there, Ronald still visits members of his former gang in Little Haiti but they get in trouble with the Nazis, and when Ronald makes it clear that he wants a peace meeting to be held peacefully. , his friends don't listen to him and it's time for a massacre.

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But where is Izzy in all of this? In Cuba, she tries to resume her hacker habits but is captured by the government and placed directly in the custody of Rebecca Stroud. Izzy receives an ultimatum. She can become friends again with Nick and Ronald to infiltrate Araknet and introduce a virus that will destroy him OR she can spend eternity in prison. After landing in Miami, Izzy returns and begins to struggle with his morals. It doesn't matter because Rebecca has recruited another Araknet employee to introduce the virus anyway.

Staff can barely celebrate the 100,000,000 user milestone when the virus wipes out nearly 60,000,000 users in a matter of minutes until Izzy locates the virus and neutralizes it.

Daewon who helped Phil Rask get corrupted and then metaphorically stabbed him in the back comes back when Nick emails him and pays him $ 80,000 to hack another company, “Broken Egg”, and when news of a massive data leak spreads, users flock to Araknet.

When the police come to question employees about Ronald's whereabouts on the day the Nazis were assassinated. Nick realizes Ronald was there and delivers him to the police in the hopes that Ronald will be relieved of his duties and that he does not turn the company over to the NSA.

Arrest wreaks havoc: Tamara is fired from her job as a soccer teacher for school children because her husband, a former gang member, has been arrested for several murders. The only way Ronald can escape prison is to quit his gang. Ronald then takes revenge by hitting Nick and telling him not to go to the police, because he would then reveal Nick's involvement in the Broken Egg scandal.

But that's when they get a phone call from Izzy. It has already been established that Rebecca Stroud has nothing to do with the NSA, as the real NSA has already shown itself, and the big question, therefore, is who this woman is. At the end of StartUp Season 3, we find out. She's a member of special forces, former CIA, and a cleaner for one group or another. No one knows how she obtained the influence and authority to freeze Araknet's bank account so that they could not pay their employees.


Now is the surprising twist. Izzy beat up Rebecca Stroud and she is tied up in her apartment. She calls Ronald and Nick to annoy them and now they have another moral dilemma. Do they kill her or do they let her go? While Izzy and Ronald argue, Nick gets his hands dirty and slaughters Rebecca in front of her stunned colleagues. Now they have an even bigger problem. As they are all accomplices in murder, they know that the dark and obscure group that employs Rebecca is going to come looking for her and they also have a body to get rid of.

The end of StartUp Season 3 shows the three men carrying Rebecca's wrapped body to a secluded location, all the while worrying about Nick's mental state. For me, it's a good place to end a season.

In potential Season 4, we can expect to see Izzy, Ronald, and Nick reunite again to rebuild their business. However, with the NSA on their tail and under constant pressure from the underworld, it is only a matter of time before problems arise. The three leaders of Araknet are not the most loyal to each other either, and their plans could end up causing another rift between them. It will also be interesting to watch Nick's new dynamic with his peers, following the cold-blooded murder of Rebecca.

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