TikTok: The New Brand Lift Study Feature Designed For Advertisers

TikTok announces today via a press release the deployment of Brand Lift Study, its own measurement solution for advertisers.

After TikTok Jump, the mobile video sharing application announces a new feature. Dedicated to advertisers, TikTok's feature, Brand Lift Study, is a measurement solution.

What is the functionality of TikTok, Brand Lift Study?

In a press release, TikTok unveils its latest feature. Indeed, the application today announces the launch of Brand Lift Study, a measurement solution for advertisers.

As we know, brands play a very important role in the TikTok experience. The app is aware of this. Indeed, she developed the BLS functionality which allows bringing actionable data to advertisers so that they can improve their campaigns.

In this way, thanks to TikTok BLS, brands can analyze their impact on consumers and optimize their engagement. Brands will then be able to study the impact of their various campaigns on the platform. And thus collect data on behaviors, brand preference, and purchase intention.

The TikTok BLS functionality will allow brands to inform their vision based on reliable data.

TikTok also announces full transparency in its methods, which is why Kantar will be an external partner to verify BLS analyzes. Kantar is an evidence-by-measure research and data institute that brings actionable interpretations and recommendations to customers around the world.

Nicole Jones, Senior Vice President, Growth & Strategy, Media & Content at Kantar:

“Thanks to our Kantar Media Reaction study, we know that TikTok is a platform where consumers say they have the best advertising experience. It is therefore key for advertisers and their agencies to understand how it works ”

"We are pleased to be TikTok's partner of choice to help them quantify the impact of advertising on the platform as well as advertisers to enhance the value of their marketing investments."

, With this feature, brands now have a new perspective to better target and connect with their communities.

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