Xtreme: Explanation of the end of the Netflix movie! Who is dead ?


Xtreme is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation for the end of Xtreme, read on! Xtreme is essentially a revenge story between two half-brothers, one of whom is extremely jealous. Maximo has a happy family life with his son and father. In Lucero's eyes, this is too much for him. He kills his father to take over the family company, leaving his sister, Maria, to fend for herself. Soon after, Lucero's thug Finito ambushes Maximo and mercilessly murders his young son.

What follows is an intense battle for revenge as Lucero grows more powerful and deadly. After two years in hiding, Maximo and Maria hatch a plan to lure Lucero to them, hoping to finally get revenge for the deaths of their loved ones. If you want to know all about the release of a sequel, read this.

What complicates things for them is the arrival of a young drug dealer, Leo. Despite being a drug dealer, Leo is a good guy and only wants money to help his family. These efforts are in vain, however, as Finito murders his family. Leo can only get out of this when Maximo comes to his rescue. If you have any questions regarding the end of Xtreme, read on!


A tormented and enraged Leo visits Finito to kill him, but he is brutally beaten instead. Before Finito can kill Leo, Maria arrives at the scene and takes Leo to the hospital. Former gang member Chul Moo, who now knows Max's whereabouts, goes to finish him off while Lucero sends Finito to kidnap Maria.

At the end of Xtreme, a gory and bloody fight ensues as Max comes to confront Lucero and his men. In the Conclave, Max wipes out the first wave of henchmen with a knife. With a little difficulty, he eliminates the second wave and faces off against his old partner Rafa. Rafa is killed by a grenade, and Max takes the elevator to the final fight. In the Conclave, Max and Lucero engage in a sword fight, and Max demonstrates remarkable skill. As Max is about to finish Lucero, he reveals a kidnapped Maria.

When Finito beats up Max and Lucero pours alcohol on Maria's head, it seems that meanness wins out over heroic might. But the heroes come back in force, and with a solid punch, Max finishes off Finito. Although we are not sure he is dead. But when Max and Maria stab Lucero in the heart and the head, we have a clear idea of ​​the end of Lucero. Lucero is dead, and justice is served.

After Lucero's death, it appears that the Conclave is diminished. But in an epilogue, other truths are revealed. In a telephone conversation with Maria, Dimitri, the Russian Mafia boss, declares that the Conclave is scheduled for the next day. We have the impression that the bloodbath that occurred earlier in the name of the Conclave was organized by Dimitri to teach Lucero a lesson.

It is also revealed that it was Dimitri who saved Max at Maria's behest. And since Max has Dimitri's confidence, we can conclude by saying that Max will be chosen as the next gang leader. If so, the movie slyly sets us up for a sequel, and we look forward to it!

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