Black Widow: Explanation of the ending and post credits scene!


The cinema is back! Marvel is back! Natasha Romanoff is back! There is so much excitement at the same time that it can be overwhelming. Black Widow is set during Natasha Romanoff's time in exile, after Captain America: Civil War divided the Avengers, and Nat is on the run from General Thaddeus Ross.

In addition to expanding Nat’s story, the movie introduces us to Yelena, Alexei, and Melina. The four of them set off on a mission to locate and destroy the Red Room, along with its creator, Dreykov. It gets a little twisted! But how does it end, and what does the end of Black Widow mean for Yelena, Natasha, and the MCU? We will try to see it more clearly.


Once reunited, Nat and Yelena decide to bring down the Red Room. The problem is, no one knows where she is. Nat and Melina, therefore, come up with a plan that unfolds slowly. It is important to note that neither Yelena nor Alexei know the plan, nor even that there is a plan until later.

The plan is cunning. Melina seems to overtake the rest of the family when she informs Dreykov that they are at her place. While her henchmen are on their way, Natasha and Melina exchange their clothes and their faces. The henchmen arrive, put everyone except Melina to sleep, and take them to the Red Room which is actually in the sky.

It's important to remember that Natasha triggered her spotting device so General Ross would know where she was and send the troops. Nat will learn of Dreykov's plans, Melina will land in the Red Room, handing over its inhabitants to Ross's care. While Yelena will be tasked with locating the vials of the red substance and deprogramming the current batch of widows to release them.

Once Dreykov revealed his network of widows to him and showed him how he accesses files. Natasha smashes her face against the desk, severing it since it wasn't strong enough to do so to be released from its grip. A key part of Black Widow's ending is when we learn who Taskmaster is. This is Antonia Dreykov, her father implanted a microchip in her head which allowed her to become the ultimate impersonator.

Caught up in her guilt, Natasha frees her and the two begin to fight in a fight to fall from the sky! Eventually, Nat can free one of the vials, freeing Antonia from her father's grip. Antonia / Taskmaster's alleged survival and rehabilitation leave the door open for the character to return to the MCU. The Widows could help him learn to acclimate to a life other than that of a cybernetic killing machine, now free from his father's influence.


General Ross is, oddly enough, the one detail Black Widow never seems to want to bring up onscreen, despite her appearances closing the movie. When the Red Room falls, Ross's convoy of agents discovers Natasha's position. Instead of running away or joining the other fleeing Widows, she declares that she will hold them back. But this is where the scene ends. General Ross and Natasha do not meet again and there is no explanation as to how they met.

She had nothing to discuss with him since she had sent the data from the Red Room with Yelena and Nat certainly didn't knock Ross down, since he reappears in Infinity War. The only possible solution was for her to stay long enough to be seen by Ross, and then to run away to create a diversion. Which would explain why she stays on the run in Infinity War with Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson.


This is an important undercurrent of the narrative, and Natasha's legacy in the MCU should be to free those who have suffered the same abuse as her and to prevent Dreykov from abusing her. other victims. But Black Widow's own story is also important, and it is essential that it finally be told. After all, it was the heroine who recruited the Hulk, who brought down HYDRA by exposing her sins, who led the Avengers in the aftermath of Thanos' attack, and who brought Hawkeye back from the abyss.

Natasha deserved her story to be more than that of someone who deemed herself worthless enough to justify her death in Endgame, and Black Widow gave her that story. The MCU has done him justice by not bringing in other heroes for cameos, although it would have been easy to do so. She had the space to breathe and draw her conclusions about why she was returning to active service in the Avengers, and that is important. So even though she's gone, the main conclusion to be drawn from Black Widow is that Natasha Romanoff has finally been able to tell her own story.

At the end of Black Widow, Natasha joins the Secret Avengers, even though General Ross is still chasing her because she owes them that. And ultimately, it's that same instinct that drives her to sacrifice herself so that Hawkeye can live. The new family epiphany even seems to suggest that she chose to sacrifice herself, no matter who else went to sleep with her.


For those who haven't watched the Falcon series, the Contessa Valentina is a powerful new actor in the MCU on a mission to hire overpowered or exceptional individuals for a project as yet undetermined. Speculation indicates that this is either the MCU version of the Dark Avengers or a new version of the Thunderbolts. What's important is that Val now has two rookies with Yelena joining Captain America's replacement John Walker. It's not clear exactly when she recruited him, but it would logically have been before Walker, whom Val seems to be seduced by flattery.

Crucially, Val explains why Yelena is in Disney + 's Hawkeye series, offering Clint Barton as her next assignment and also the man responsible for Natasha's death. The fact that Yelena believes Val's assessment on Eye-of- Lynx suggests that she knows more than she says and that her plan involves a roster against the Avengers.


In the post-credits scene of Black Widow, Yelena is seen meditating at Natasha's grave. It's a recognition from Yelena, but also a nod to Nat's birth mother, as well as Melina and Alexei. This scene takes place in the present day of the MCU, where we see that Yelena has a dog! The dog's name is Fanny, probably about "Fanny Longbottom", one of the alter egos given to Nat by Mason at the start of the movie.

At the cemetery, she receives a visit from Valentina Allegra de Fontaine who entrusts Yelena with her next mission: to assassinate the man responsible for Natasha's death, Clint Barton. Valentina was supposed to make her Black Widow debut, but the change in release date turned the order around so we've seen her recruit John Walker before.

already know that Yelena will appear in the television series Hawkeye, which will air later this year. This should give us more insight into Yelena's hopefully major role in the upcoming MCU.

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