Black Widow: Explanation of the post generic scene!


The latest MCU movie finally gives Natasha Romanoff her solo movie. Scarlett Johansson made her MCU debut over ten years ago, in the 2010 movie, Iron Man 2, as the Russian spy, before becoming one of the original six members of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. in The Avengers. The character's plot ended with the 2019 movie Avengers: Endgame, in which Black Widow died sacrificing herself so that Clint Barton could acquire the Soul Stone and the Avengers could ultimately defeat Thanos.

For her solo movie, Black Widow sits between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. At this point in her story, Natasha is on the run after violating Sokovia's agreements and helping Steve Rogers, but she hasn't quite joined the Man with the Star-Spangled Banner, as she does when 'she reappears in Infinity War. Black Widow sends Natasha on a mission that delves into her past and requires her to reunite with her comrades Yelena and Melina, as well as the Red Guardian of Russia.

Even though Black Widow is earlier in the MCU timeline, it still serves as the launchpad for the Phase 4 movies and has a chance to prepare for the sequel! We tell you all about the explanation of the post-credits scene at the end of Black Widow!


Unlike the rest of Black Widow, the post-credits scene takes place at an unspecified point in the MCU's “present”. That means 2023, or potentially 2024 if the scene takes place after Spider-Man: Far From Home. We see Yelena at Natasha's grave where she is joined by Val, who made her MCU debut in the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

In the post-credits scene for Black Widow, Yelena tells Val that she's on vacation, which means she also recruited her at one point. What we do know is that Val has a new target for Yelena, the person responsible for Natasha's death: Lynx Eye. We already knew Florence Pugh would be reprising her role as Yelena in the TV series Hawkeye, but this new information suggests that, at least for the first time, she'll be hunting him down.

The scene also appears to herald the upcoming appearance of the Thunderbolts in the MCU, a team of villains who pretend to be heroes, before changing their minds and fighting for the good. If the character Val is inspired by in the comics didn't create the Thunderbolts, it wouldn't be surprising if the MCU version of the team changed things up a bit.

It wouldn't be surprising for the Hawkeye series to set up the Thunderbolts now that Yelena has been confirmed to work for Val. It's also possible that with Yelena, US Agent, and Zemo working together, the MCU's Thunderbolts could be true to the team's evil origins as the anti-Avengers in Phase 4 and beyond.

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