Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong hopes to launch his cryptocurrency app store as soon as possible. If this project is successful, it will officially be the first application store for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or even NFT.

Coinbase wants to launch an app store for cryptocurrencies

In the cryptocurrency world, Coinbase is among the most popular platforms. In a recently published article, the CEO of the firm, Brian Armstrong, indicates that he wants to launch an application store for virtual currencies.

Coinbase is developing a "crypto app store"

According to statements from the CEO of Coinbase, the platform wants to rely on the Blockchain to launch a store dedicated to decentralized applications (dApps) of cryptocurrencies: a "crypto app store".

“Apple didn't try to create all the apps for the iPhone, it made it easy for developers and mobile users to access news, innovative apps (…) We need to do the same in crypto. There are now tens of billions of dollars in business activity on dApps, and a new trend comes out every three months. We will work to give our users easy access to all of this from the main Coinbase product, ”he said in a blog post.

The first app store dedicated to cryptocurrencies

Coinbase wants to launch the first app store dedicated to virtual currencies. The firm has not disclosed any information regarding the release date of the cryptocurrency app store. For now, the company is focusing on the platform and adding new features to it.

Brian says his teams are doubling their efforts to integrate access to the various dApps that make up the Defi ecosystem directly from Coinbase apps. Thus, users will be able to interact easily with the protocols that make up Defi such as decentralized exchanges or lending platforms.

Recall that specialists claim that apps are the future of the crypto world. These are digital applications that run on the Blockchain network and cannot be controlled by a single entity. Experts say they offer better security, transparency, and more.

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