Electronic Arts seem to be heading in the right direction for its new licensing opus, FIFA 22 with features that will allow for more personal gameplay.

FIFA 22: A more personal gameplay

Expected for October 1,2021FIFA 22 has already started to unfold slowly. After a rather disparaged 2021 edition, our colleagues at IGN report that Electronic Arts seems to be heading in the right direction for this next installment.

A wind of optimism for FIFA 22

Tested by IGN journalist Simon Cardy, he believes FIFA 22 is heading in the right direction. The latter was able to test the game for several hours on a version still in development. He reports that the movements of the players are very fluid and fast. Although he only had access to the 'kick off' mode which is played offline, Cardy is positive about what the next FIFA should look like.

A new technology that brings more realism

HyperMotion is the new technology being applied to Fifa this year. In particular, this enabled the teams in charge of development to be able to bring completely new activities to the players, all thanks to capturing the movements and animations of an entire team. Note that this technology will be available only on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, and Stadia. Often used as a marketing technique to sell, here HyperMotion technology does help. Indeed, each player will have a different gesture, and therefore more realistic.

Thus, the players' ball controls are more authentic, their touch on the ball is finer, and new, offensive, and defensive gestures are available. As a result, you no longer feel like you are controlling a robot, but a real human. That way, the idea that speed will win you games (as it did in previous rounds) is no longer relevant. Now you will need to have a more thoughtful style of play, one of dribbling, passing to get out of pressing, or one-touch direction of play to accelerate.

This technology will also provide the opportunity to use players left behind because of the algorithm that puts game speed first. Thus, Cardy says he can control Bernardo Silva, a player who is not known for his strength or speed while being effective against much stronger opponents. Although players have a slower speed compared to FIFA 21, the pace of passing keeps this strand from falling into a slow and boring match.

New tactical options in FIFA 22

The other big improvement on this new installment is the addition of options in attack tactics. Indeed, your players will have the opportunity to apply different styles of play to each half of the field. This way you can ask your attackers to place themselves higher without going up all the lines on your team. There will therefore be more possibility as to the tactics to adopt depending on the evolution of the match or the profile of the opponent.

Thus, a wind of optimism reigns regarding the next installment of the FIFA license. However, everything that could be seen during this gameplay session can still evolve. Indeed, FIFA 22 is still in the development phase. The latter should be available on October 1st.

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