FIFA 22: Release date, game trailer and cover star !

EA's new football simulator FIFA 22 has been officially unveiled, and it looks like the company is bringing new technology to the service of the current-gen versions of the game, which will unlock a slew of new possibilities for the franchise. soccer. While FIFA 22 is unlikely to be a massive leap for the franchise, it looks like EA is trying to use the new material to do a lot more continuing to improve the gameplay with the series

Fifa 22 MBappé

FIFA has already spilled a lot of ink this year ahead of this revelation. EA found itself in the water after it was alleged that the publisher was trying to aggressively push players to use FIFA loot boxes. The company has denied the claims, but many still wonder if the series handles its monetization in a truly ethical manner, regardless of how aggressively it is pushed. However, this bad press did not stop Fifa from making a strong comeback later this year.

FIFA 22 has been revealed by EA and while there is no raw gameplay in the first trailer, it's likely there will be more to show at EA Play later this month. On Xbox Series X / S, PS5, and Google Stadia, the game will use EA’s new HyperMotion technology and proprietary machine learning to "deliver the most realistic, smooth and football experience that is sensitive." FIFA 22 will be published on October 1, 2021, and will feature Kylian Mbappé of Paris Saint-Germain as the cover athlete.

FIFA 22: Release date, game trailer and cover star !

EA Sports appears to be gearing up for a big comeback in sports games, continuing not only to try to refine its already well-known franchises, like FIFA but also to create new ones. EA has invested in a handful of developers to add new annualized sports franchises and even revive old ones. With F1, College Football, and a new baseball franchise coming up, EA has positioned itself as one of the most valuable sports game publishers.

It remains to be seen whether FIFA 22 will dramatically shake up the franchise, but it looks like it will be a new game that will improve the series in small steps. Although it's uncertain if the new HyperMotion animations will actually make the game more responsive, fans of the franchise who seek the most immersive sports gaming experience imaginable should be excited. EA has a lot of valuable technology it can exploit, as the FIFA 21 source code theft demonstrated, and the game is likely to be a flashy technical showcase on new consoles. It is not yet known whether any of these technologies will appear in other franchises or whether they will be exclusive to FIFA 22, but it is possible that they could help shape other upcoming sports games on a technical level.

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