In a period when it is preferable to avoid too crowded places, Google Maps now allows you to consult the use of public transport. So you can if you want to avoid too crowded areas.

Google Maps shows how busy public transport is

The new functionality of Google Maps aims to help users avoid overcrowded areas during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Google Maps makes it easier to apply social distancing

Although health restrictions are gradually easing and life resumes its usual course, it is important to maintain adequate social distancing. To do this Google has decided to add a new feature to Google Maps. This warns us of the crowds on the various public transport systems.

Google Maps already has options that indicate routes, traffic jams, or accidents. These options on road traffic make it possible to fluidify and not saturate the roads of 200 large cities across the globe. So with the functionality of public transport, Google wants to provide the same service with information from more than 10,000 transport agencies in 100 countries around the world.

Maps will also rely on its users. Indeed, the latter will be able to warn the platform of any congestion in trains, subways, and buses. In large cities like New York and Sydney, users will be able to see how busy each public transport car is. This feature should gradually become available in all major cities around the world.

Thus, the transit forecast will be based on AI technology, user feedback, and location trends over time, the US giant said on Wednesday. The latest version of Google Maps is now available for iOS and Android users.

By enabling location tracking, Android users will also see a new tab with travel trends based on location history. You can also see how much time you spend in your favorite places and which means of transport you used the most.

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How do I use the feature on Maps?

Here are the steps to follow if you want to check the use of public transport:

  • Open Maps, enter your destination, and press "directions".
  • At the top of the screen, select your transportation preference (for example, bus or metro).
  • Select your route, if there is more than one way to get there.
  • When you view your route, you will see a section under the Public transport section that asks you: "How's it going on board?" You'll notice messages like "Not too busy," "Very busy," and other forecasting signals.
Google Maps shows how busy public transport is

If you're boarding a train or bus that Google Maps says won't be too busy, but it's busier than the app says it is, you can change the forecast by tapping l alert and selecting whether it is busy or full depending on what you see. All submissions are public.

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