The Mountain View firm continues to grow Google Meet by adding a few features each month, so a fancier that has just arrived among users of the videoconferencing service.

Google Meet: new filters, masks and effects arrive

Since the launch of Google Meet, the Mountain View firm has continued to improve its service. Recently, the American giant has just added new filters, masks, and effects. Let's do a check-in!

Many new features on Google Meet

As a reminder, the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the experience of users who are used to making video calls daily. The American firm is doubling its efforts to improve Google Meet and other competitors are doing the same, including Microsoft, Facebook, and Zoom.

Starting today, users can take advantage of several new features on Google Meet. They can add cats, astronauts, jellyfish to their video calls, as well as new filters, masks, and effects. Note that the new features are not always available on the web app. They are available through the built-in Gmail experience.

Effects allow the user to blur and modify the background of video calls. It is also possible to add filters and masks. This will make calls more relaxed and fun.

Millions of daily users

Daily, Google Meet welcomes millions of users. Since its launch, the platform has received dozens of updates. The teams of the American giant are doubling their efforts to offer users a pleasant and fluid experience.

For Duo, Google has not released any official information about its future. The app has not received any updates for over 12 months. Rumors circulating on the web indicate that Google Meet could absorb Google Duo. Analysts say the US company has no interest in keeping the two services and could focus its efforts on a single platform.

Google could focus on improving Google Meet by incorporating features that are present on Google Duo. In the coming months, the giant could merge the two platforms.

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