More and more present in companies, hybrid work requires rethinking the tools of teleworking. This is why Google is bringing new options allowing better organization between remote and face-to-face work.

Google: new RSVP options are released on Google Calendar

For a future where hybrid work is expected to become more and more prevalent, Google Calendar now allows you to specify whether you will attend a meeting virtually or in person.

Google makes it easy to adapt to hybrid workplaces

Widely used during the peak of the global pandemic, remote working is expected to continue to be implemented in many companies. To do this, Google strives to provide features to facilitate hybrid work. Indeed, the American company is planning new RSVP options on Google Calendar. Thus, you can indicate whether you plan to join a meeting in the meeting room physically or virtually.

Each meeting participant will be able to specify how they wish to attend the meeting (remote or face-to-face) via a new drop-down menu visible to the host and other invitees in the event details. Through this tool, Google wants to help companies organize themselves around hybrid work. Currently limited to invitations in Calendar, the new options should also be incorporated into invitations that appear in Gmail in the future.

In contrast, RSVP options are only for Google Calendar, that is, if you are using another primary calendar application, you will not be able to see the new features.

In addition, working remotely has many advantages such as saving time, greater flexibility, etc., but it also has disadvantages. Among the disadvantages, the fact of not being physically present in a company considerably reduces social interactions. Moreover, a majority of employees wish to continue working remotely from time to time, but 44% of them confessed to being in a situation of psychological distress during the pandemic.

Thus, in the way of rethinking the tools and organization of teleworking, the factor of "social interaction" must be taken into account. Google is aware of this and allows you, for example, to activate your camera in a meeting so that everyone can see you and share information both physically and digitally.

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