HalloApp: the social network that respects personal data!

The concept for HalloApp came from two former employees of the Facebook-acquired application, WhatsApp. They want to offer an alternative to the algorithms of current social networks.

HalloApp: a private social network

The operation of Facebook is based on the collection of personal data. These allow the social network to target you and to recommend publications, advertisements, etc. The idea of ​​these two former WhatsApp employees is to offer a vision of social media that goes against the Facebook system.

The HalloApp social network, Neeraj Arora and Michael Donohue is, therefore, a new service presented as “the first network of relationships”. “Imagine your online friends were your real friends. Consider a world where your newsfeed isn't cluttered with individuals and posts you don't care about. Imagine browsing through important events and seeing exactly what you want to see, not what the algorithm wants you to see. Imagine not being treated like a product. Can we read on the official blog of HalloApp?

A social network that uses end-to-end encryption

Unlike Facebook, HalloApp claims that privacy is an integral part of the service. Your phone number is required to register, and the app uses your contacts to connect with people. HalloApp allows you to create end-to-end encrypted chats. Although you are asked for your phone number, the company claims that no other data in your phone book is being used. Furthermore, the platform does not collect or use your personal information.

“Most significantly, we will never display advertisements to you. Never. Instead, we intend to gradually introduce more features at a lesser cost, ” according to the site. The application is very easy to use, it has a basic interface with "home, groups, discussions and settings" buttons at the bottom of the screen. At the top, you will find two icons that allow you to invite contacts to the application and open an activity/notification menu. The app also has a shortcut to add a new message or images. HalloApp is available on Android and iOS.

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