Instagram will offer exclusive stories to users

Like Twitter's Super Follow, Instagram will offer paid subscriptions that will provide access to exclusive stories.

Recently, screenshots of the new feature were posted on social media by Alessandro Paluzzi. It was he who discovered this novelty. Instagram has confirmed that these are from an internal prototype in development. However, no further details were released by the social network.

In contrast, the screenshots that have circulated reveal Instagram's intentions. Indeed, they show a feature that would allow content creators to publish exclusive stories. When an exclusive story is posted, it will appear in purple.

However, they will not be accessible to everyone, when you discover an exclusive story, you will see the message "only members can see the content" appear. Indeed, they will be reserved for paying subscribers. In addition, Exclusive Stories can be saved on the content creators page, so that their subscribers can review them.

The start of monetization on Instagram

The new "exclusive story" feature would be just a start in the process of monetizing the social network. Indeed, Instagram director Adam Mosseri had previously said the company was "exploring" subscriptions as well as other new features, such as NFTs.

By the way, Paluzzi also recently found references to the NFT feature which shows how digital objects might be collected by users.

Instagram will offer exclusive stories to users

However, Instagram has not made a public announcement on these specific product developments. Indeed, the company preferred to discuss its plans for monetization more generally.

"We need to provide a whole host of things or tools that creators can utilize to assist them to accomplish what they do if we're going to be the best platform for artists in the long term."

“I believe we must provide a comprehensive suite of tools because what you would use and what's meaningful to you as a creative can be quite different from what an athlete or a writer uses,” said Instagram's director.

Adam Mosseri also said that creator monetization tools fall into three categories. The first concerns commerce, that is, branded content, affiliate marketing, or even merch. The second is aimed directly at influencers and involves offering users to pay them in different ways. This could be blocked content, subscriptions, or tips. The third and final category focuses on revenue sharing, as with IGTV's long and short video and the Reels.

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