Lisey's Story Season 1: Apple TV + Series Ending Explained!


Lisey's Story is available on Apple TV +! If you want to know all about the explanation for the end of Season 1, read on! Lisey's Story Episode 8 begins this homecoming finale with Darla and Amanda wondering where Lisey has gone. The only thing they can do is wait, but the sisters are worried about what that might mean for her. To learn all about the Season 2 release, read this.

Back at Boo’Ya Moon, Lisey whispers to the Long Boy to follow her. As he appears in the trees, Jim Dooley catches up to him and sees this monstrous beast with his own eyes. He and Lisey fight for power, and Jim bites Lisey. Her cries are eventually stifled by the injection she gives him and the threat is over for now. The Long Boy, made up of many tortured souls, watches Jim and ends up killing him. Tortured souls gnaw at his flesh as he screams in pain.

Lisey's story ends with a concluding chapter that resolves most of the important plot points, with a slight lack of originality as far as Jim Dooley is concerned. What happened to his body? We tell you all about the explanation for the ending of Season 1 of Lisey's Story!


The end of Season 1 of Lisey's Story reveals the prize at the end of the sore hunt. The hunt ends in the magical world of Scott Landon. Lisey goes to Paul's grave and follows a thread that leads her to the coveted prize. And while Lisey rightly deduces the symbolic aspects of the bool hunt when she says “mourning is a bool hunt,” it seems there is a tangible reward that Lisey can treasure. The prize is a bottle of soft drink and a manuscript of the short story “Lisey’s Story,” which is presumably Scott's latest. Lisey takes a seat beneath a tree and reads the entire text all at once.

In a series that plays on doubles, it's no surprise that the manuscript is also a poignant love letter for Lisey. But it isn't the crux of the issue. Scott reveals a traumatic event in his life in the book that he could never tell Lisey in person. Taking one final tour through the dark alleys of the past, we see Andrew, Scott's father, in terrible shape a few weeks after Paul's death.

Paranoid like never before, Andrew believes Paul is still in the house, in person, or as a ghost. Andrew sets up a manhunt for Scott, which ends with Andrew instigating Scott to kill him. As ordered, Scott performs the act of parricide. Booya Moon's universe is similarly transient. Scott still has a few secrets to reveal after his death, and we see him sitting poolside for most of the season. However, in the end, Lisey reads Scott's confession and it helps her pass into the afterlife.

At the end of Season 1 of Lisey's Story, Scott, still in his spectral form, gets up from his seat and walks towards the pool. As he bids his final farewell to Lisey, we feel the story has come to its predestined end. However, a last moment of surprise awaits the viewer.

The lighthouse lights on one last time as Lisey leaves the home to go to lunch with her sisters. The lighthouse, as we have seen, is an artifact that conceals part of Scott. In the previous episode, Scott's mindset of a downpour when the lighthouse comes on. So, if Scott is in charge of the lighthouse and it magically springs to life, it can only mean one thing: Scott is still alive in an ethereal form. Does that justify another season? One can only guess.

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