Pixel Fold: Google would integrate a very thin slab from Samsung

Still, on track for a 2021 release, Google seems to be stepping up a gear for its first foldable smartphone, the Google Pixel Fold. According to Macrumors media outlet, the company is targeting Samsung's UTG ultra-thin glass for its display.

Google turns to Samsung UTG, ultra-thin glass, but in demand

For its 7.6-inch Pixel Fold that folds inward, Google reportedly asked Samsung to provide layers of ultra-thin glass (UTG). These are in high demand right now. Indeed, as a report by The Elec indicates, other companies are looking to source this glass, which Samsung is currently the exclusive supplier of. Brands like Xiaomi, Honor, and OPPO are also reportedly working on foldable phones with UTG glasses.

Moreover, Samsung has already seen the effectiveness of this ultra-thin glass. Indeed, for its Galaxy Fold 2019 foldable smartphone, Samsung used polyimide films, but the screens were susceptible to panel folds and breaks. However, the company improved on these subsequent models such as the 2020 Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2, which both used UTG glasses.

In February, further rumors were that Samsung had developed foldable OLED panels to supply Oppo, Xiaomi, and Google. The Elec source said last month that Samsung will build foldable displays for Google and other vendors, implying that the "Pixel Fold" would be released in late 2021. In addition, Google has an advantage over foldable smartphones as the company develops software that should work on all Android foldable devices.

Samsung leader in the foldable display market

Omdia, a market research company predicted a 203% increase in sales of foldable OLEDs compared to 2020, so they are expected to reach $ 2.1 billion this year. Most of its sales are expected to come from Samsung Display. Apple has also requested foldable display samples from Samsung for testing in a future iPhone. Although Apple is not yet decided whether to position itself in the foldable smartphone market, it seems that the company is taking a closer look.

Samsung is a major supplier to many brands, but even more so to Apple. Indeed, it is the Korean company that has been providing OLED displays for iPhones for a while now. Besides, Samsung wants to dominate the foldable display market as a UTG supplier.

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