Sky Rojo Season 2: Netflix Series Ending Explained!


Sky Rojo is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation for the end of Season 2, read on! Fans of the original Spanish series got to know Coral, Wendy, and Gina last March, as they tried to escape their pimp Romeo, whom they believed to have killed.

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Over the course of eight 25-minute episodes, we learned about the trio's complicated stories, how they ended up in Las Novias and the boiling point that made them flee. After a series of traumas and showdowns in the first season, Coral, Wendy, and Gina are back with a plan, an arsenal, and a grudge to work out. If you have any questions regarding the end of Sky Rojo Season 2, read on!


In the sixth episode, Christian and Moises decide to flee but Romeo kidnapped their mother. So they hatch a plan to steal Romeo's money and take their mother in return for millions of dollars. Meanwhile, the trio kidnaps a man called Fermin who will help them with their business. Fermin is one of the guys who abused Wendy at one of the parties and he wants revenge. So they used it for the burglary.

The girls reach a hotel and capture Fermin in the bathroom when Gina and Coral go looking for weapons for the heist. Oddly, there were weapons under a grave in the cemetery. In the hotel room, the hotel manager mixes something in a bottle of water and attempts to sexually assault Wendy. But the manager sees Fermin and tries to kill him. He slides and hits the wall. He was killed instantly.

Moments later, they retrieve the racing gear and take a car to steal the money. But they don't know that Moises and Christian are doing the same. They face off in the middle of nowhere and the girls manage to take the money, but Christian sees Wendy's tattoo and tells Romeo that the girls did it all.

On the other hand, they took Moises hostage. Elsewhere, Gina, Wendy, and Fermin take some money to reach the harbor while Coral waits in the warehouse with the money. She told them she would reach the port when they called her. But Moises breaks free and hits Coral so hard that she loses her left eye. As soon as he tries to kill her, Wendy and Gina arrive to save her.

Meanwhile, Romeo asks Christian to tell where his brother is because he thinks Moises is helping the girls. When Christian does not tell him where his brother is, he lets him die there. Back in the warehouse, Moises and Coral absolutely want to kill each other, but they can't. At this point, Wendy tells him that she has to give up if she wants to start a new life.

They leave town and get on the ferry that takes them away from Romeo. However, Romeo called Moises and lied to him, telling him that the girls had killed him. Moises is completely broken after the death of his brother and says nothing.

The end of Sky Rojo Season 2 leaves us with Wendy, Coral, and Gina finally getting the freedom they wanted. In the final moments, we see Moises telling Romeo that "we have lost the battle, but the war is not over yet." It looks like the story is not over yet and we will surely see another season. Romeo lost the money and this is the first time that she has lost track of the girls who worked for him. They took everything from him, including his money. So he won't let them get away so easily.

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