In its quest for power and presence in the world, TikTok, the favorite social network for young people, has just added a feature to help them find a job by posting a video CV.

TikTok will help you find a job by posting your video CV

TikTok is an app that appeals to the younger generation around the world. Recently, the app launched a new feature to help its users find jobs. Thus, they can apply using short introductory videos.

TikTok makes it easy to find a job

The new functionality implemented by the TikTok teams will allow Generation Z to quickly find a job on the application. The program was named “TikTok Resumes”. It was developed in collaboration with several giants, including Shopify, Target, WWE, and Alo Yoga.

At this time, the feature is only available to US users. In addition, the duration of the video CV is limited.

As a reminder, more than half of the app's users are under 24 years old. The new functionality will undoubtedly be useful for many people looking for a job.

In short, the "TikTok Resumes" feature allows the user to apply for vacancies on the app by sharing their video CV on the social network.

A video CV for easy application

"Find the job of your dreams with TikTok Resumes", indicates the Chinese social network. The new functionality will allow you to apply for multiple job offers. To do this, simply use the hashtag "#TikTokResumes".

As a reminder, dozens of companies participate in this program, including Shopify, Target, NASCAR, Abercrombie & Fitch Co, etc.

“With the rise of creative content linked to careers and jobs, TikTok feels there is a potential to add more value to people's TikTok experiences by enhancing the platform's utility as a recruiting channel,” says the company. indicates the social network.

As a reminder, job seekers have until July 31 to apply. To do this, just share a video CV.

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