Twitter shared three ideas for new features. Andrew Courter, the product designer at Twitter, calls for user feedback on the various proposals. Among them, a "trusted friends" option would allow you to control who can see your tweets.

Twitter is considering letting you choose who can see your tweets

Twitter has considered several options for filtering out who will have access to your tweets. Among the avenues considered by the social network is a distribution restricted to "trusted friends".

Twitter is currently looking for new features to bring to its service.

Andrew Courter, product designer at Twitter revealed several ideas being considered by the social network. Indeed, Twitter would have thought of a way allowing users to control who can see their tweets, in particular, thanks to an option that restricts the tweet to "trusted friends". The second idea “Facets” would allow users to tweet on separate accounts from a single account and finally, Twitter also thought of a feature called Reply Language Prompts which would allow Twitter users to list certain phrases that they don't. would not like to see in the responses to a tweet.

Similar to what you can find on Instagram with the "close friends" feature, Twitter is considering a feature to limit the audience of a tweet to "trusted friends". This feature would allow users to share personal information without it being too public.

The “Facets” feature would allow members to tweet from different identities through a single account. You would then have the option of choosing to follow all or some of the profiles.

On the other hand, the latest feature called Reply Language Prompts would allow you to specify certain phrases that you'd rather not see in replies to your tweets. Effectively, people wishing to reply to your tweet will see these phrases displayed highlighted with a warning not to use them. This feature would aim to limit the insults still too common on the social network. However, people who want to reply to your tweet won't be forced to respect what you don't want to see. This is why you will still be able to move the answer to the bottom of the conversation.

Twitter is considering letting you choose who can see your tweets

Note that none of these features are currently being developed, these are just ideas generated by the social network to get opinions from the community.

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