Virgin River season 3: Release date and time of the series on Netflix

Netflix is back with the third season of its original romantic drama series Virgin River. Yes, you read that correctly, Season 3 of Virgin River is announced, and it will be arriving on your screens very soon. For those who don't know, Virgin River is an American romantic drama series that first premiered on Netflix in 2019. Viewers highly cheered the first season of Virgin River. She has found success all over the world. After witnessing this, the show's makers quickly renewed it for a second season.

The second season which came out in 2020 was also very successful. The season two finale left fans on a cliffhanger when Doc's health and Jack's fate came into question. After giving such a crazy ending, Season 2 bade farewell to all die-hard fans of this series. Now it's the turn of Season 3 of Virgin River to show its true colors and showcase everything that was left hanging in Season 2. All fans have been curiously waiting for the release of Season 3 for almost a year. a year and now the signals have finally turned green.

When will Virgin River season 3 air?

Virgin River Season 3 is set to release on Friday, July 9, 2021, at 9:01 am. Netflix is ​​back again with a brand new season that will consist of 10 amazing episodes. The creators renewed this series for the third season late last year. In just six months, they are back with a brand new season that is sure to make you jump for joy. Alexandra Breckenridge, who stars as Melinda Monroe, shared this incredible news throughout the official Instagram handle of the Virgin River series. All the fans went mad after learning of this announcement.

Netflix hasn't shared a lot of Season 3 spoilers. But, it has revealed that Season 3 is going to be a season full of twists and turns that will see a mix of different emotions. All of the events that are going to unfold in this brand new season will be filled with drama. We would also like to inform you that all ten episodes will air on the same day. Only viewers who have purchased a paid subscription to Netflix will be able to stream this series. So if you don't have a subscription or if your subscription has expired, get a new subscription as soon as possible so that you can stream the third season.

What is Virgin River season 3 about?

The trailer confirmed that Jack survived the shooting and that Doc goes blind. But as you all know, it is in the town of Virgin River that the major answers can lead to more serious questions. Especially when it comes to the very complicated relationship between Hope and Doc. Now we would like to give you a little preview of the cast that will be part of this series again.

The casting of Virgin River season 3

Most of the cast from previous seasons of the show is returning for the third season. They will all reprise their original roles with more dedication and perfection. This season, Alexandra Breckenridge plays Melinda Monroe, Colin Lawrence plays John Middleton, Martin Henderson plays Jack Sheridan, Annette O’Toole plays Hope McCrea, Lauren Hammersley plays Charmaine Roberts and Tim Matheson plays Vernon Mullins.

A few new faces are also engaged for the third season. You will get to know them as soon as this season comes out.

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