What is marketing automation and how do you put it in place?

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about marketing automation. What is it about? Why and how to set it up? Let's do a check-in.

Marketing automation definition!

As its name suggests, marketing automation automates repetitive tasks related to the marketing strategy implemented by the company, such as sending emails.

Automating certain tasks saves the marketer time and money. It is possible to automate the qualification of leads, the promotion of an event, the sending of SMS, etc.

How to set up a marketing automation strategy?

Setting up a marketing automation strategy is no small feat. The action plan is based on determining the path followed by the visitor from an entry point: "Workflow". In other words, this is the entrance to the conversion funnel.

To build a marketing automation strategy, it is essential to define the tasks that will have to be automated. Thus, the brand does not lose any lead and arrives and transforms it into a customer.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, call on a digital marketing agency to help you put in place a carefully crafted strategy.

Why marketing automation?

Marketing automation saves the company a lot of time. This allows teams to focus on other more strategic tasks.

It also helps to better understand the lead. A large number of tools make it possible to collect all the information on the prospect. Thus, the brand can put in place the right techniques to convert him into a customer.

Marketing automation also helps to shorten the sales cycle and reduce costs. This is why it is an integral part of any inbound strategy. A large number of companies around the world rely on specialists to automate their marketing strategy and achieve desired goals quickly and inexpensively.


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