While photos and images were compressed to speed up sending at the expense of quality, WhatsApp decided to backtrack and will allow you to adjust the compression yourself.

WhatsApp finally makes it possible to send better quality photos and images

Finally, the WhatsApp messaging application will allow users to set the quality of the photo to send to their recipients. The Android Authority media reports that this is an option that will appeal to a lot of people and it is true!

A new feature on WhatsApp

Regularly, WhatsApp launches new features to meet user needs. Recently, a new option has been spotted. This is an update available to beta testers. Finally, users can choose the quality of the image to send to their contact.

To choose the quality of the image to send, simply choose between high resolution or a compressed photos.

As a reminder, high-resolution images consume more data, not to mention that they take up more space in the phone. This is a very important point to take into account, especially when we use 4G or 5G to connect to the Internet via our mobile devices.

WhatsApp allows control of image compression

On the beta version, users can choose to share their images according to three protocols:

  • Best quality ;
  • Data savings;
  • Automatic mode ;

While waiting for the arrival of this new feature, be aware that there are several alternatives to avoid the compression of your images sent to WhatsApp. Just change the extension of the document. Thus, the app skips the compression step since it will not be able to equate the file with visual content. When you have to transfer dozens of files, or more, with one touch, this trick can be very painful.

Remember that the official date for the deployment of this update is not yet known. In addition, you should know that the feature has been spotted on Android devices. At this time, it is no longer available on iOS devices.

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