Xbox Family Settings: a feature that limits spending

In the new Xbox update, Microsoft added a feature that parents have long requested. Xbox Family Settings just joined the list of new features included in the last update.

Xbox wants to help parents with Xbox Family Settings

The Xbox Family Settings app will therefore receive an update that will allow parents and guardians, among other things, to set spending limits on microtransactions for their children.

The information was announced today by Xbox, indicating that many options have been requested by parents/guardians. The next update of the Xbox Family Setting application should therefore satisfy them.

The features of this update

The update will include three features related to spending limits with the highlight, Xbox Family Settings. The first of these will simply give parents the ability to set spending limits.

In an age where more and more games are free but offer you to buy very popular in-game content, this can be a good way to keep expenses down.

The second feature called Ask to Buy will, when activated, receive a notification whenever the child wants to make a purchase that they do not have sufficient funds to make it. Thus the parent can either accept or refuse the transaction using the "accept" and "refuse" buttons.

According to the Xbox blog, parents will also have the option to add money to the account to make a purchase, "Parents can then purchase on behalf of their child (if it's a game or an app), or add money to their account for an in-game purchase, such as a new skin or accessory ”.

“And if you don't want to approve the purchase, just select the 'decline' button on the notification you receive. Can we read on the blog?

The third feature will provide the ability to view a child's account balance. Thus, parents can consult their child's account balance at any time and even add additional funds. "Parents can also view their child's spending history to track recent purchases."

We know it is important for parents to track and manage their children's spending while playing to avoid any surprises or bills. With these new features, parents can customize their family's access to spend money on games or in the Microsoft Store to suit what's good for them.


At this time, Xbox has not communicated a date for the arrival of this update and the Xbox Family Settings. In the meantime, you can always check out the games that will be available on the Xbox Game Pass!

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