YouTube is launching a new plan for people who want 4K video quality. You will have to pay nearly 17 € to have access to the YouTube TV 4K Plus package.

YouTube TV 4K Plus

YouTube has just launched a new offer called YouTube TV 4K Plus. This is a paid option that allows subscribers to enjoy 4K resolution and many more features. To take advantage of the 4K Plus offer, you must have a 4K TV.

YouTube TV 4K Plus

As the name suggests, the YouTube TV 4K Plus offering allows the subscriber to enjoy the content of higher quality. Other additional features will also be available.

The new offer provides access to major sporting events in 4K, live content (NBC and ESPN), sports, but also VOD services (FX, Discovery, Networks, Tastemade, etc.) in better quality. Note that it is possible to download the videos to watch them without an Internet connection, just like the YouTube Premium offer.

Remember that an update scheduled for the coming weeks will allow YouTube TV to be 5.1 Dolby Audio compatible. The company has not disclosed the launch date for this feature.

A monthly plan for $ 19.99

The new paid version will also allow the user to download the videos for offline viewing. He can grab the content on his smartphone or tablet to watch it anytime and anywhere, whether he has an internet connection or not. It can connect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously. With the classic YouTube TV offering, the number of devices is limited to three.

For pricing, YouTube TV 4K Plus is available for $ 19.99 per month. For new subscribers, the platform offers them a 30-day trial period, knowing that their subscription will only cost $ 9.99 per month for the first year.

It should be noted that YouTube TV is a service available in the United States.

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