Aftermath: Is this inspired by a true story?


Aftermath is available on Netflix! If you’d like to know if Aftermath is inspired by a true story, read on! Aftermath will star Ashley Greene, Shawn Ashmore, and Sharif Atkins in a new horror thriller. If you have any questions regarding the release of a sequel, read this.

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The movie is expected to be Netflix exclusive but is not a Netflix original title. Aftermath has been in development for a while, with worldwide rights to the film sold to the Motion Picture Exchange in January 2019. Winther Brothers Entertainment is behind the movie and this is their first major release. In the summer of 2019, the movie was shot. Is Aftermath, however, based on a true story?


Yes, Aftermath is based on a true story. A title card claims that actual criminal events inspired the story, and if you've seen enough movies, you know such claims are often exaggerated. But closer examination suggests that there may be some truth to the story after all.

Dakota Gorman, an actor, director, and screenwriter wrote the screenplay, which was directed by Peter Winther. However, Gorman writes the screenplay from a story imagined by Winther himself. According to Dakota Gorman, she often draws inspiration from real-life events, personal stories, and experiences to write. She suggests that her creativity stems from everything she absorbs from life, and the more she absorbs, the more she can generate. And in this case, Gorman and Winther were conspicuously inspired by one actual incident, if not several.

A real couple, Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter had to go through events similar to those in the film. According to ABC News, a series of sinister events befell the unassuming couple as they move into a new property. In 2011, they moved into a dream property in a suburban San Diego neighborhood, and soon after received an intimidating note from people offering to buy them the property.

The situation became even more frightening when their new home was mysteriously relisted on a real estate website. As in the movie, the couple was bombarded with magazines they didn't even subscribe to. After the series of pranks got out of hand, Jerry set up CCTV cameras throughout the house. Reality surpassed fiction again when someone posted a stomach-turning ad online portraying Janice as an adult artist.

Men responded to the ad, and there was even attempted rape. Although they eventually caught the culprit, the episode left a lasting scar on the couple's minds. The report apparently inspired the director and screenwriter. Although they have taken some creative liberty to add more drama to the narrative, the backbone of the story remains closely tied to the story. Therefore, we can certainly conclude that the story has a pretty solid foundation.

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