Android 12, your face will control your smartphone

The new accessibility feature on Android 12 will allow shortcuts to be triggered using facial expressions.

The accessibility tool built into the Android 12 operating system, already available for trial in beta 4, offers a new option called "Camera Switches". Thanks to it, it is possible to create shortcuts on your phone and trigger them with a pre-recorded facial expression. A feature that is primarily aimed at people with disabilities, and which could prove to be practical for all users.

Use your face to navigate Android 12

When the Google Pixel 4 was launched, the American giant was already using front sensors to run smartphone applications. This functionality was limited, as it only took hand movements into account. The company has taken the challenge a step further by making it possible to use a phone without using your hands.

In the Android 12 accessibility application, users discover tools to interact with their mobile without having to touch the touch screen. When enabled, this feature uses the front camera to identify facial behaviors.

A perfectible functionality

Currently, relatively few facial expressions are recognized:

  • Open the mouth ;
  • To smile ;
  • Look left or right;
  • Look up or down;
  • Raise your eyebrows.

These actions allow you, for example, to access notifications, scroll forward or backward, return to the home screen, select content, and more. Android 12 also lets you customize facial recognition based on your face and adapt the duration of movements, in order to streamline the user experience.

The beta version of Android 12 is already available on Google Play, but it does not include this accessibility option. The new operating system is expected to be officially live in the next few months, possibly this fall of 2021. Google seems to want to significantly improve the overall experience on Android 12, as evidenced by the new widgets presented a few months ago.

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