Candyman: Explanation of the end!


Candyman is released in theaters on September 29, 2021! If you want to know the explanation for Candyman's demise, read on! Candyman, reimagined by Nia DaCosta, is a faithful update of the popular horror classic from 1992.

Co-written with Jordan Peele, the movie is a loving tribute to the original Bernard Rose movie. But Candyman is more than just a sequel: it's a story, a franchise reboot, a cultural commentary, and a sequel, all rolled into one 90-minute movie. To find out if a sequel will see the light of day, read this.

Tony Todd, the bee-infested and hooked Candyman, returns to reprise his role. Todd has remained the one constant of the '90s sequels, but this chapter ties back much more directly to the original, especially in its ending. The final 15 minutes of “Candyman” should have symbolic resonance for contemporary audiences, but the movie may also leave fans who never saw the original scratching their heads a bit. We tell you all about the end of Candyman.


His actions after the first movie explain why Anthony, despite being the baby of the original movie, didn't realize he had crossed paths with the Candyman before. Anthony may have survived the fire as a baby, but the Candyman would haunt his life years later. Originally, the Candyman chose to sacrifice Helen, the protagonist of the 1992 movie, and Anthony so that his legend could continue.

Helen, on the other hand, spared Anthony the baby before attacking the Candyman. She died of her own injuries, but the Candyman's longevity was thwarted as he did not have Anthony and people began to fear mentioning his name. Almost thirty years later, the Candyman is back to fulfill the sacrifice he never finished in the original movie and to come full circle by finally taking Anthony. Thanks to Anthony, the chosen sacrifice, the legend of the Candyman is now stronger than ever.

William knew Anthony was the baby that had escaped Candyman years ago and as soon as he knew Anthony was back in town he began planting the seeds for Candyman's return. William asked Brianna to watch him give back to Candyman what was rightfully his - the legend of his existence - by first cutting off Anthony's hand and replacing it with a hook, thus rekindling the old legend with a new twist.

However, William's plan was thwarted when Brianna escaped. She kills William, but it's too late: the cops arrive and do exactly what William intended, killing Anthony and completing his transformation into the legendary Candyman.


At the end of Candyman, several white policemen invade the house and arrest Brianna after she shoots and kills Burke. Anthony's corpse lies next to hers as Brianna is forcibly escorted into the back of a police car. She is threatened by the policeman sitting in the driver's seat and promises to tell her everything if he can comply with her strange request: She wants to see herself in a mirror.

Brianna then summons Candyman, which seems like a foolish decision. But if we follow the logic that Anthony is the new Candyman, and assume Brianna is too, that explains why she calls in a murderous ghost in a moment of crisis: She is actually calling her boyfriend, Anthony, for help. But there is also a clear thematic reason behind its choice.

In Candyman's evolving universe, the symbolic figure is a vengeful response to white violence and a protector of the black community. The closing sequence, in which Anthony, like Candyman, brutally executes a number of white cops, gains a dramatic layer of commentary by portraying the legend as a hero rather than a monster.

The end of Candyman means above all the passing of the torch, the continuation of a legend that endures thanks to the power of storytelling. Myths can only survive because of people. Without them, the legend of Candyman would have died along with him in the 1890s. Candyman's survival as a myth is also due in part to the works of Anthony, which depict the many victims of racist violence.

Candyman’s existence, at least about the movie, explores generational pain and its impact on the black community, the speed with which people shake off the violence and injustice they experience. The legend of Candyman ensures that these stories are heard, with the Vengeful Spirit now acting as a protector, killing those who call on his name and righting any wrongdoing. DaCosta's Candyman transforms the legend even further by creating another Candyman in Sherman Fields.

Although a man is the source of the legend of the Candyman, the hive is significant because it is made up of the other men who have died, such as Sherman, and who work together to carry on the legend and the supernatural work that Daniel began. . They are all bound by the tragedy and mythology that keeps them alive, and the bees serve as the Candyman's calling card, following him wherever he goes, an integral part of the saga that has defined him.

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