Demonic 2: Release date? Is a sequel planned?


Renowned South African director Neill Blomkamp brings us a story of devilish proportions in his horror and exorcism movie Demonic. The story revolves around an estranged mother, imprisoned for a series of gruesome murders, and her introverted daughter.

Carly tries not to remember her mother Angela, but she torments her in her sleep. When a shady science group offers Carly correspondence with Angela, Carly tries to reconsider her past. As a result, the adventure uncovers devastating truths about Angela's ancient crimes. Loaded with appalling apparitions of beaks and liturgical intrigues, this horror drama offers blood, work, tears, and sweat.

Carly Pope, Nathalie Boltt, and Chris William Martin lead the appearances division for this grim and spooky story. If the story is well put together, it could turn in many directions as well. If you're curious about whether Demonic 2 will ever be released, read on!


The director himself hasn't said anything about a sequel. Demonic is the COVID19 movie that the director secretly shot after six years of hibernation; the director himself hasn't said anything about a sequel. Demonic is the COVID-19 movie that the director shot in secret after six years of hibernation.

Although James Cameron loved the script and Sigourney Weaver agreed to reprise his role in the first movie, the sequel project eventually fell through as 20th Century Fox was not interested in the idea. Although the high-tech horror project was well received by fans of the director, the general reaction was polarized.

Horror movies tend to favor sequels, but then again, Neill Blomkamp usually doesn't do horrors. The ending is also well balanced, and while the world can be expanded in other ways, the movie ending marks a finality in the lives of the immediate characters.

So, considering all aspects, Demonic 2 is highly unlikely to be made. The director, however, is busy with several projects. His next project is ”Inferno“, a production of which could begin in a place of Demonic if the dystopia of the pandemic did not thwart the director's plans.

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