Dr Harrow Season 2: Amazon Prime Video Series Ending Explained!


Dr. Harrow is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know the explanation for the end of Season 2, read on! The episode begins only in the past, going back a year to Louise's house, where she serves tea to her husband, Maurice, who is also Chester's father.

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Maurice announces to Louise that Chester lost his last call and it is obvious that Louise has poisoned Maurice. Hence, the question is posed to the reader as to whether Louise is just as psychopathic as Chester and if it is from there and from whom he learned his behavior, a fact that Harrow mentioned when he was buried in the coffin.

The episode then returns to the current situation, where Nichols questions Harrow's behavior after saving Callan, the circumstances making it look like Harrow tried to hurt him. This frustrated me as it is not true to the character of Harrow and the other characters should know that.

During Nichol's interrogation, Harrow notices that Fern is gone and leaves the hospital to find her. He finds Stephanie outside, who tells him she hasn't seen him. He goes looking for him and asks Stephanie to stay to talk to Nichols.

Meanwhile, Grace shows Maxine the succinic acid reports from Chester's victims, but she disdains them and tells him that a psychiatrist and a judge have decided that Harrow is a threat to himself and them. others and that he was to be interned in a hospital there. We tell you all about the end of Season 2 of Dr. Harrow!


Francis explains to Fern what happens when the drugs are administered. Francis prepares to strangle Fern to death. Daniel wakes up and starts talking. He mentions the blond aconite he spotted when he arrived. He explains that Louise killed Maurice with this object. He insists that Francis wants to kill his father.

He can't because his mother has already. Francis gets angry. Bryan is watching the hospital surveillance footage. He spots someone who catches his eye. Then he sees cameras on the firefighters' helmets. He makes a call. While Francis is distracted by his mother, Daniel breaks free and goes to get the weapon. He takes Fern's gag out of her mouth.

Francis has regained control, but his mother has the gun. He claims he had to kill his father. Francis takes the gun and shoots his mother. Daniel almost freed Fern. DNA results are back. The body is confirmed not to be Chester's. Bryan gets the footage from the fire department.

He spots Francis Chester. Francis takes it out on Fern. She tells him that she knows how it feels when fear turns to hate. She talks about her desire to kill her stepfather. Fern attacks Francis and runs away. She takes the gun. Daniel convinces her to give it to him. Daniel holds Francis at gunpoint until the police arrive.

Bryan lets Daniel speak with Francis. Daniel is in a difficult situation. Francis knows he was also killed. He says he's going to spread the word. Daniel claims he's not worried. He gives Francis a rose for Simon before leaving. Bryan tries to make peace with Daniel. He's not worried.

He suggests Bryan believed him the entire time. Something's wrong with Chester. We see that Daniel actually gave her an injection by giving her the rose for Simon. Daniel hugs Stephanie before sitting down with Fern. She confesses to him that she wanted to kill him. Daniel confirms it's over.

Francis dies in the police car. Maxine is getting ready to move. Daniel comes in and tries to stop him. Maxine admits she rigged the samples to make sure Francis fell. She admits that she should have believed Daniel. The latter tries to convince her that Simon's death was not her fault. Maxine wants to leave. Callan wakes up. Fern goes to bed with him. Grace visits Daniel on the boat.

It looks like they're going to get romantic. Grace stops it halfway. She reminds him that he will be her supervisor again in a few weeks. Later, Daniel receives a call from Bryan. He's still suspended but Bryan has something important to show him. This is a young boy. The boy's passport lists Daniel as the next of kin. He could be Daniel's son.

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