Facebook Dating Offers Voicemail Dating!

To boost its online dating service, Facebook Dating, Mark Zuckerberg's, now offers to charm with audio messages.

The voice can be a charming asset that makes all the difference, and that Mark Zuckerberg's company has understood. Voicemail messages have also been trending for several years. They meet the needs of busy or lazy users to write text messages. Facebook Dating has therefore decided to jump on the bandwagon and now offers its dating service in audio version. Will this new option appeal to users who shunned the application?

Facebook Dating struggles to take off

Launched in 2020, the dating service offered by Facebook does not seem very popular. The market for dating sites and applications is saturated, and the competition is fierce. Tinder, Happn, or Badoo have peaked at the top of the basket for many years.

The health crisis has forced them to adapt quickly to meet the needs of users. Some, like Tinder, then decided to offer video meetings in the event of a match. Facebook, meanwhile, may not have innovated enough to appeal. Indeed, despite the approximately 3 billion users of the social network, the dating function is not on the rise.

3 new features have been announced

To convince more users, the American firm has finally chosen to modernize with 3 new services:

  • Audio Dates: an option that, after validation from both sides, will allow you to get to know each other by exchanging voice messages. The conversation will be secure, no private phone number will appear on the screen.
  • Match Everywhere: this feature, reminiscent of Tinder's, will be used to activate geolocation to widen its meeting radius. However, it will not be extended to an international level, since users will have to target specific places where they want to meet.
  • Lucky Pick: this option is a suggestion tool. Based on the interests of users, the artificial intelligence of Facebook Dating will offer similar profiles, to meet the rare pearl.

It remains to be seen whether these innovations will allow the social media giant to compete with Tinder. Regardless, the firm tends to develop a very wide range of services, such as dating or gaming.

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