PS5: will the new version solve the shortage?

Due to a shortage of components, the PS5 is out of stock worldwide. The new console model could finally end the crisis.

Since its launch in November 2020, the PlayStation 5 has been terribly difficult to get hold of. Barely replenished, stocks are flying. This situation creates enormous frustration and leaves the door open to many scams. However, hope seems to be reborn in recent days! In total silence, Sony released a new version of the PS5 console. At first glance, only the weight looks different - slightly lighter - but the major change is in a small screw that was the source of this global shortage.

A shortage of components

Victim of its own success, the PS5 deserted the shelves at lightning speed. Less than a year after its launch, Sony is struggling to restock inventory, much to gamers' disappointment. The Japanese firm is suffering, like many other companies offering electronic products, an unprecedented shortage of components.

On the first versions on the market, it was a screw, in particular, that was of concern. Being too flat on the top, this screw required the use of a particular screwdriver. The new version now allows the console to be placed on a base, to put it vertically, simply using your hands.

We also note that this version weighs 300 g less than the previous one. This is not a lite version, however, but only an upgraded version. The gaming experience will therefore be the same for owners of the first version while allowing stores to be replenished.

The new PS5 is already launched in Japan and Australia

This new model of the PlayStation 5 has been available in Japan since the end of July and has just been released in Australia. The sales seem to follow one after the other, which bodes well for the French players! Indeed, although Sony has not made any official announcements, the console could very likely land in Europe by the end of the year.

Computer hardware shortages have intensified in recent months, to the chagrin of tech companies and video game studios.

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