The Expanse Season 6: renewed! Release date? Details!

Last November, all fans of The Expanse were treated to good news and bad news. The creators have announced the return of the sci-fi drama for the sixth season of The Expanse. However, this will be the last round of the series. Based on a series of books bearing the same name from James S.A., Corey completed five seasons. And now the series ends with the sixth season. What will follow?

Over the years, we've seen Rocinante and the unlikely family embark on several adventures in the ever-expanding solar system. But that's not all, the fifth season, which has just been released, has also given rise to great drama. Today everyone is asking the same questions: where are Naomi, Holden, and Bobbie going, and their buds? The sixth season will likely provide those answers. Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming Expanse Season 6.

Season 6 of The Expanse is unfolding!

It's good news! Amazon Prime had renewed The Expanse Season 6 even before the release of the fifth season of the series. The sixth season will be the last we'll see in the series. On the show's renewal, Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson, the co-CEOs and founders of Alcon Television and the show's executive producers, say that from the time they are committed to bringing The Expanse to life at its end, they worked tirelessly to honor the vision of the authors.

They say they are proud to have one of the most diverse cast on a TV show. The producers thanked Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, the authors of the book and the series. Continuing the statement, Kosove and Johnson thanked show host Naren Shankar. They say it's a privilege to work with the team. Finally, the duo thanked Amazon for supporting them and helping them tell the story to the fullest.

What will happen?

In an interview with Polygon, series author Ty Franck says they have what it takes to be a very natural stopping point for The Expanse's story after season six. According to Franck, it will be a very satisfying end to the story they've built over the seasons. He says he thinks one of the biggest things he thinks is old-fashioned is the idea of cancellation.

This means that all big fans of the series can rest assured that Expanse's story will have a clean and satisfying ending when the series concludes with Season 6. That said, Expanse Season 6 will focus on the conflict between the new Free Navy which was created from a fleet of Red ships.

The next episode will also see the long-standing coalition between Earth, Mars, and the asteroid belt. Would this free Nay draw their attention to the decimating colony where ships are heading to the Ring Worlds? Who in the Rocinante Ragtag crew would save them? We will have all of these answers in the next season.

State of production and release

According to recent reports, The Expanse Season 6 team is slated to go into production by January 20, 2021. This means fans can expect a later release date in December 2021 or earlier in 2022. for the coming season. However, given the situation, Season 6 of The Expanse may be delayed a bit due to all the precautions they will need to take to be safe. More updates on what's happening in the series will surface soon. We will keep you posted as the situation develops. So stay tuned. In the meantime, the first five seasons of The Expanse series are now available on Prime Video for you to watch if you haven't already.

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