The Rhythm Section: Explanation of the end of the Amazon movie!


The Rhythm Section is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know the explanation behind the movie's ending, read on! What does it mean for Stephanie Patrick and Iain Boyd now that The Rhythm Section has come to an end? Is a sequel necessary?.

The Speed of Vengeance is an action-packed thriller starring Blake Lively, Jude Law, and Sterling K. Brown, and is based on the same book by Mark Burnell. Sadly, the movie was very bad at the box office and was not well received by critics either. Still, all was not bad.

Reed Morano’s directing style is awe-inspiring, and the movie leaves a lot to think about as the credits roll. We tell you all about the explanation of the end of The Rhythm Section!


The identity of U-17 is undoubtedly the most enigmatical aspect of The Rhythm Section, and some may be astonished to hear that it is Sarra. U-17 was the bombing's planner, but the fact that Sarra was the previously unnamed person demonstrates how intertwined he was.

The movie reveals that the CIA was on his trail before the Flight 147 attack. The original Petra was hired by the organization to kill him, but “B ”’s desires prevented him from completing this mission. It is not clear whether Petra was hired to kill Sarra because the CIA suspected the Flight 147 bombing or if it was for some other reason. After all secrets, it was Sarra's suggestion to Stephanie that someone as insignificant as Reza could be U-17 who made her discover her true identity.


The Beat of Vengeance comes to an end after Stephanie's failed assassination attempt on wealthy businessman Leon Giler, who has links to the bombing. She doesn't kill him after learning he has children, but “B” had a backup plan in place to make sure the job got done.

Without knowing it, this results in the death of Giler's children. This prompts Stephanie to leave “B” behind and work directly with Sarra to find Reza. She discovers that the U-17 hired Sarra to locate someone to kill Giler, as the U-17 is intended to destroy anyone who knows what happened previously. As a result, Sarra concludes that Reza is a U-17.

Stephanie goes to Marseille to kill Reza and sees that he is planning another attack. After a brief shootout, St├ęphanie follows Reza and a girl wearing a jacket bomb on a bus. She attacks Reza and wins enough time for the bus to be evacuated, as the bomb is on a timer.

As Stephanie is about to kill Reza, he warns him that Sarra is going to kill her in turn. She escapes from the bus before the bomb explodes and returns to Sarra's house. Stephanie tells Sarra about her past and tells her that she is not Petra by injecting her with a deadly venom she acquired during a previous mission. She found out that Sarra was actually U-17.

After her successful revenge journey, Stephanie returns to the Kaif house, as Abdul’s parents provided the necessary funding for her missions. Two weeks later, "B" surprises Stephanie by visiting her and tells her that it is time for Petra to be dead again. Stephanie agrees because she's no longer using that alias anyway. The rhythm section ends as Stephanie pulls away from "B" for what he hopes will be the last time he sees her.

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