The Walking Dead: Carol and Daryl's spin-off will be very different in some ways

Norman Reedus has announced that the new series with Melissa McBride will not just be the sequel to what we know from The Walking Dead and will be different in some ways.

The Walking Dead is nearing the start of its end, but just like the zombies in the show itself, it's pretty hard to kill them. The final season is broken down into three eight-episode arcs that will air next year, with many more to come for AMC's big series.

Fear the Walking Dead is still alive and a new season of World Beyond is coming. There's also the movie Rick Grimes, an anthology series called Tales of the Walking Dead, and a spin-off series about fan-favorite characters, Carol and Daryl. So yes. The final season may be starting, but it doesn't end.

The latter is probably the most intriguing of all because it has the deepest roots. Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus, who play Carol and Daryl, have been on The Walking Dead since the beginning. In fact, they are the last cast members of this era and, without a doubt, two of the most popular characters for these reasons and more.

Since it was announced that their story will continue in a spin-off, the mystery remains, mainly because fans have no idea where Carol and Daryl will be at the end of the additional 24 episodes. . But, in a new interview, Reedus offered a tantalizing quote.

“I think when they come in for more, it'll be a very different appearance, a very different presentation, a very different mood," Reedus remarked.

We're kidding, but it's about as “different” as a The Walking Dead series can be. However, it's more likely that Reedus is hinting at some sort of drastic change of scenery or evolution in the zombie world all of these series are set in right now.

Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus, who play Carol and Daryl, have been a part of The Walking Dead since the beginning.

If, for example, a cure is found at the end of the series, the rest will be different. Or, if America was lost and the couple had to take a boat to Europe, that would be different too. Really, it can mean anything.

But most of all, it means that somehow the show isn't all about him and Carol with a bunch of guns, on a motorcycle, killing zombies. Although, honestly, it seems like a solid series.

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