The White Lotus Season 1: Explanation of the end! Who is dead ?


The White Lotus or Le Lotus Blanc is available on OCS! If you want to know the explanation for the end of Season 1, read on! In 1976, the Eagles dedicated one of their most popular songs to a mythical and spooky hotel that still has plenty of empty rooms. Hotel California, however, operates on a solid premise: “You can leave whenever you want, but you can never leave”. If you want to know when Season 2 will be released, read this.

The White Lotus, the star resort of Mike White's eponymous satirical series on OCS, is a California hotel in its own right. The Season 1 finale this week concluded all six episodes with death, something we had suspected from the first shots of the first episode. The White Lotus, which began with an unexpected birth, ends with an expected murder, a sacrifice in this parable of privilege and excess. We give you the explanation of the end of Season 1 of The White Lotus!


Yes, Armond died at the end of Season 1. The coffin that makes his first appearance in the pilot carries his body. After learning that Shane complained about him to the general manager, Armond also discovers that the hotel has decided to terminate his contract. He has spent the best years of his life working at the hotel and has little to gain from it. He has strived to satisfy every whim and desire of customers, putting their happiness above all else.

However, Shane seems to bring out Armond's worst. While he thinks Shane and Rachel are away, Armond breaks into their room and defecates in Shane's luggage. When Shane finds out what happened, he contacts the hotel staff. However, he soon realizes that there is someone else in the room. He heard about the burglary in Mossbacher's room.

He, therefore, arms himself with a kitchen knife. While attempting to locate the intruder, he comes face to face with Armond and staggers him. Although Armond dies, no charges are brought against Shane, as his act is likely considered to be in self-defense.

The first time Quinn tells his parents he wants to stay in Hawaii, they can't tell if he's serious or not. The day they leave, he goes to the airport with his family and assures his father that he is right behind him. As Mark leaves to board the plane.

Quinn runs away, knowing his parents can't pursue him just yet. At the end of Season 1 of The White Lotus, he is seen canoeing with his teammates. They plan to travel to Polynesia in the spring. For the first time, Quinn has a purpose in her life.


No, Paula is not arrested for helping Kai. But as Armond informs the Mossbacher family, Kai is arrested, and the jewels are recovered. As the Mossbacher family leaves, the public can see that Nicole is wearing some of this jewelry. Olivia realizes that Paula and Kai are behind the heist and tells her friend about it. Although Paula initially feigns ignorance, she ultimately has no choice but to recognize the truth.

Paula accuses Olivia of using their friendship as an accessory for “weird” credibility. While this isn't entirely wrong, Paula doesn't realize the same can be said of the way she treated Kai. He didn't want to steal, but Paula convinced him to do so, using him as a tool in her imaginary struggle against the rich. Since she is Olivia's friend, Olivia does not tell her parents that she was involved in the robbery. Kai was unlucky and ended up becoming the real victim of the incident.


Tanya leaves Belinda, who dreams of starting her own wellness center, as she goes to Honolulu with her new boyfriend. The Mossbacher family go over their problems, eager to resolve any perceived flaws by promising to “get out of town” more.

Even Shane and Rachel reconcile at the airport. When they kiss, Rachel's teary eyes suggest it is more of a gesture of desperation than anything else, but Shane - who has now killed a man - heaves a sigh of relief knowing that 'he can take his life back in hand.

There is no doubt that Shane, at least, will be able to recover from this honeymoon in hell. He has been so isolated by his wealth that he will be able to wipe the slate legally and financially, unlike Armond or Belinda. And that’s the White Lotus’s final blow of the knife: the privileged, wherever they go, will always have someone to carry their emotional baggage.

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