TikTok for Business launches in Mexico!

In Mexico, the TikTok application has just officially launched its platform of marketing solutions for businesses.

In June 2020, the Chinese video-sharing application launched Tiktok for Business, a platform dedicated to marketing campaigns for businesses. This Thursday, August 19, 2021, our colleagues from the Entrepreneur media report that TikTok for Business is expanding in Mexico. The firm has appointed Efraín Mendicuti as Director of Business Solutions for the country.

TikTok gains ground in Mexico

Efraín Mendicuti was one of the founding teams of the social network Twitter and the giant Google in Mexico. He also took charge of launching Twitter's advertising operations in the Mexican market. This appointment, therefore, seems perfectly well established. He now takes the lead in TikTok's commercial and marketing activities for the enterprise segment.

“I am delighted to join TikTok. The original and creative spirit of the Mexican community shines through most beautifully on this platform, so I am convinced that we can create great collaborations with the brands. I look forward to developing this project and working hand in hand with our local partners. We can provide them with unique solutions to attract new customers by creating TikToks, not advertisements. "

                                                                    - Efraín Mendicuti

"Do not advertise, do TikTok" is the slogan of the marketing platform, which incorporates a host of tools to help advertisers communicate better on this social network. The "Branded Hashtag Challenge", for example, allows companies to create mini hashtag campaigns, inviting users to create content. The videos include clickable links, redirecting the user to the brand's website.

With more than 3 billion downloads, TikTok is a big hit with the public. It has even become the most downloaded application in the world, overtaking giants such as Facebook and Instagram.

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