When and where to see Free Guy in Latin America

Ryan Reynolds’s transformation in Deadpool put the actor where he feels most comfortable: comedy. Thanks to this, he's been summoned for both a sequel to the Marvel Mercenary How to Perform Detective Pikachu, which was released in 2019, and Dude Free, which was delayed due to the pandemic but will be released this week.

Starting from the premise of a video game character who becomes aware of himself and begins to develop his free will, the movie, directed by Tax Shawn, will be based almost entirely on Reynolds' charisma. The cast has familiar faces like those of Joe Keery (Stranger Things) Yes Jodie Comer (Killing Eve), but none with the presence of Deadpool protagonist.

The original idea for 20th Century Workshops was to cast Free Dude in July 2020. It ran first through December of last year and then through the third week of May 2021. As in March, the situation in the rooms did not improve due to the pandemic, it took place until this week of August, which was as a fixed date.

On August 12, the premiere will be held simultaneously in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. It will be the first Disney video to be released solely in theaters, and those who prefer to see it at home via streaming will have to wait because no release date has been set.

What is Free Guy?

The protagonist of Free Guy, a fictional movie set in Free City, is Dude (Ryan Reynolds). It's a map that is part of a video game in which he is one of the supporting characters in a storyline in which users from all over the world log in to complete different missions. Crossed with Daughter Molotov, Millie's user (Jodie Comer), he will knock him off his axis and wake up something he didn't know, while his world is in danger.

With a premise similar to that of The Truman Show, where everyone is attentive to what's going on with the title character, Tax Shawn's new movie sustains much of its story in player culture. To the performances of Reynolds, Manager Oui Keery must be added the roles of Lil rel Howery, Utkarsh Ambudkar Oui Taika waits, as the antagonist of the fiction.

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