Will Emma Stone return in Cruella 2?

Real cardboard, the movie Cruella marked the spirits with a supercharged Emma Stone. Disney will indeed call on the actress for Cruella 2.

Emma Stone is reportedly returning in Cruella 2. The actress has already signed an agreement with Disney to replay the character of Cruella from Hell in the sequel. As a reminder, the studio has already decided to center Cruella 2 on the evil 101 Dalmatians, a few weeks after the official release of the first movie in theaters.

Emma Stone signs deal with Disney

Media reports indicate that the actress’s US agent, Patrick Whitesell, has already confirmed the information. "This agreement between Disney and Emma Stone demonstrates that there can be a fair way forward that protects artists and aligns the interests of studios with talent," he said, speaking of Scarlett's complaint against Disney.

For Emma Stone, the Disney studios wanted to direct viewers to Disney + where "the company could keep the money for itself, at the same time as increasing the number of platform subscribers" and tried to "devalue considerably the agreement to get rich ”. The actress also referring to Scarlett Johansson.

As a reminder, Cruella was released in theaters and on the Disney + platform. When Scarlett Johansson decided to file a complaint, analysts said the American actress could not be present in a possible sequel to the movie.

However, Disney was able to find common ground with Emma Stone to ease tensions around the topic. “We are proud to work alongside Emma and Disney and appreciate the studio's willingness to recognize her contributions as a creative partner. We hope this will open the door for more people to participate in the success of new platforms, ”said Patrick Whitesell.

It should be noted that the studios have not released any information regarding the release date of Cruella 2.

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