Will there be a Kissing Booth 4? Here's what has been said so far

Will there ever be a Kissing Booth 4? Beth Reekles and the stars of the Netflix movie have spoken ...

The release of The Kissing Booth 3 on Netflix brings an end to another iconic era of teen romantic comedy.

With The Kissing Booth 3 bringing the story of Elle, Lee, and Noah to a close, fans are understandably eager for any type of hint or hint that the story will be continued in the future. A new Kissing Booth movie, or even a new Kissing Booth book, appears to be doubtful at this moment. Kissing Booth 4 doesn't look like it's on the cards.

That said, here's everything we know about the possible future of the Kissing Booth franchise, and what the movie stars, and author Beth Reekles, have to say.

Will there be another Kissing Cabin movie?

As of The Kissing Booth 3d release date, there is no confirmation that a fourth movie will be made.

In interviews before the movie's release, Joey King spoke about how “bittersweet” it was to leave the franchise and the characters, but also happy with the end of the trilogy.

Jacob Elordi has also already dismissed the idea of ​​The Kissing Booth 4 on his part. Jacob stated in a December 2020 interview with Vanity Fair that The Kissing Booth 3 "truly is the last kiss."

Ultimately, the decision will be up to Netflix and the original novel's author, Beth Reekles.

Will there be a 4-pound Kissing Stand?

Author Beth Reekles answered this issue in a YouTube question-and-answer session ahead of the release of The Kissing Booth 3:

“Technically, there are five Kissing Booths: The Kissing Booth, The Beach House (which takes place during The Kissing Booth), The Kissing Booth 2: Going The Distance, and The Kissing Booth 3: Going The Distance. The Kissing Booth: Road Trip (takes place during Kissing Stand 2) and The Kissing Booth 3: One last time. "

“But no, Kissing Booth 3: This is it. I thought I was pretty clear using the title One Last Time, but maybe not. "

Beth Reekles wrote the third script-based book for the movie, in addition to the original books that were later converted into Netflix movies. After Beth finished editing The Kissing Booth 3, she wrote The Kissing Booth: Road Trip.

So while there may not be any more Kissing Booth movies in the future, there are still the two short stories to read as accompanying stories to the Kissing Booth franchise, if you don't. already done.

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