The Flight RBG 5G, Qualcomm

As brands like DJI and Parrot hit each other with propellers, Qualcomm is entering the drone market with the Flight RBG 5G.

In the world of drones, DJI, Parrot, and Yuneec are the most famous brands. However, there is a drone behind the said firms, which was developed by Qualcomm teams.

Beyond consumer drones, Qualcomm also offers turnkey solutions, in particular with its Qualcomm Flight program launched in 2015, in partnership with NASA, before becoming Qualcomm Flight Pro in 2018. Now, the manufacturer is launching the Qualcomm Flight RBG 5G platform to allow everyone to design smart drones, connected and compatible with 5G technology.

Qualcomm Flight RBG 5G

As the name suggests, Qualcomm Flight RBG 5G is a platform that allows professionals to use 5G compatible drones, while taking advantage of artificial intelligence. Thus, specialists can bring a lot of benefits to devices in terms of 5G and autonomy.

The platform will allow specialists to predict in advance the route taken by the drone, which can automatically adapt according to what they observe. In addition, the Flight RBG 5G integrates a dedicated SoC, capable of taking images in 8K at 30 FPS or in 4K at 120 FPS with electronic stabilization, digital zoom, or simultaneous use of several sensors. To design the drone, the company partnered with Modal AI.

In its early days, the platform will only be accessible to professionals and businesses. Subsequently, Qualcomm customers will be able to access it to use and adapt it to their needs.

Analysts say the new drone may be accessible to other mainstream drone manufacturers. Qualcomm had already sold similar solutions to some companies in the field.

For interested professionals, the Flight RBG 5G pre-orders will be available from Tuesday, August 17th. If you're interested, pre-order the drone today!

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