Blood & Water Season 2: Explanation of the end! Who is Fik's father?


Blood & Water is available on Netflix. If you want to know the explanation for the end of Season 2, read on! Blood and Water, therefore, ends on a good old cliffhanger, leaving the door wide open for a possible third season to follow. Considering the way this one ends, it looks like Netflix is ​​renewing it, but we'll have to wait and see. To learn more, read this.

The first season was pretty well received by audiences, although to be fair the series unashamedly leans on all of the usual tropes of teenage drama and it still does here, too.

The plot of Puleng / Fik's restraining order is thankfully dropped halfway through and seeing the girls working together again has made this season stronger than the first. However, the investigative work and the rabbit hole dive can't get any further with so many tropes appearing.

It also doesn't help that the “big twist” of the series, that Puleng and Fik are sisters, doesn't come as a surprise, especially since we already knew that! A quality season all the same with a cliffhanger ending, we give you the explanation of the end of Season 2 of Blood & Water on Netflix!


As the episode reaches a crucial milestone, Janet, Sam's mother, is attacked and a DNA kit is stolen. Later, the police tell her that she must enter the witness protection program because she knows about Fikile and Puleng. Janet apologizes to her son Sam, who is trying to live his life.

There's a lot to think about for Season 3, but Puleng and the love triangle she finds herself in is officially complicated. Puleng and Wade go on a date together in an aquarium and kiss. But what team are we on? Surely Puleng and Wade, right?

As we come to the end of Season 2 of Blood & Water, there are a few twists and turns. Official DNA results arrive for Puleng and her family, Fikile is the daughter of Puleng's mother, but not her father. It changes everything.

Essentially, this means Thandelka had an affair at some point in the past and that betrayal has serious consequences. After all, Julius raised a girl who isn't even his own daughter. Still, we're still not close to finding out who Fik's father really is.

At a party, there is a lot going on. Reece is telling the main truth about the money. It's a subplot that's been brewing for most of the season and it ends up doing the right thing. Chris and Wendy find themselves dating. However, a drama arises at the end of the party.

Brian, Fik's father, comes in and looks for his daughter, telling her that someone has kidnapped her mother. He then goes to the docks, where Lisbeth has tied up Fik's mother. Lisbeth tells him to clean up his mess and wants to know more about Puleng. Who knows what this conspiracy is all about at this point! We have to be patient for Season 3.


  1. I think you need to rewatch this; you have several points wrong or confused.


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