Capone: Explanation of the end of the Amazon Prime Video movie!


Capone is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know the explanation behind the film's ending, read on! Crime does not pay. We have heard these words all our lives. Mom and dad said so. Your teachers said so. Most filmmakers say so. How much is the film based on Capone's true story?

We are fascinated by those who have dared to break the rules of society and take hold of what is so easy to obtain for those lucky enough to be rich. We might not kill to have some gold under our beds, but we certainly fantasize about such violent daring.

With his latest film, Josh Trank does not want to leave any room for glorification. Capone takes the real-life gangster who has inspired many cinematic avatars and strips him in all glory. Tom Hardy is not looking to outdo Robert De Niro or Al Pacino. His performance plunges into the hell Al Capone experienced during the last years of his life.

There is no joy here, only the most sinister of miseries, seemingly designed to ward off onlookers. If you have any questions regarding Capone's ending on Amazon Prime Video, read on!


Capone spends most of the film in a state of severe mental depression, with Tom Hardy selling off every moment of his abrupt decline. Not only does his condition leave him completely at the mercy of his intestines, but large parts of the film are clearly only happening in his own head. While the various Thanksgiving dinners that punctuate the film are real, moments such as the sight of a child covered in blood above his bed late at night and a still figure hiding in his shower are clearly the sight of him. result of his dementia.

Much of the film's second act also takes place entirely in the mind of Capone, who takes a trip down memory lane to see flashbacks of his life at the Chicago crime scene. Matt Dillon's Johnny, who gears his eyes menacingly in front of Capone as he lies in his bed, partially paralyzed, is another place where Capone comes completely out of reality.

While his rampage with a Tommy pistol towards the end, followed by Capone's outburst with a tidal wave that appeared out of nowhere, ends up being partially real due to the actual victim of Capone's assault as the 'we see being taken in a wheelchair at the end. Half or more of the duration of the film consists of events perceived only by Capone or distorted by his cognitive deterioration.


The end credits of Capone indicate that many of the Capone family have moved and changed their names to distance themselves from his criminal activities, although his wife Mae is not one of them, while his son Sonny has met his own. problems with the FBI. Additionally, Capone states that the MacGuffin that was Capone's hidden money has never been found. Of course, that didn't stop his supposed hidden fortune from gaining attention in the years that followed.

In 1986, a special The Mystery of Al Capone's Vault aired, covering the opening of a safe at the Lexington Hotel, with Geraldo Rivera hosting the show live. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a lot of ado about nothing, with only a few empty bottles inside.

However, another property that once belonged to Capone remains a notable destination today. Indeed, a property owned by Capone and confiscated by the US government following his conviction for tax evasion has been converted into the Eagle golf course, which is still in use today near Eglin Air Force Base in Niceville, Florida.

As the end draws near for Capone, he sees his life pass before his eyes, albeit on multiple occasions and in chunks, and finds himself confronted with the real horror of what the summary of his life looks like.

However, far from repenting for the life he chose to live, Capone redoubles his efforts in the end when he pulls out his golden Tommy gun to slaughter everyone in the radius of his immediate life, albeit in essence. in his own mind. By taking the Tommy gun and killing everyone on his property.

Capone regains the control he can no longer have with the mechanism that best symbolizes his life as a former King of Chicago. Unfortunately, the tidal wave comes as a powerful reminder that he can no longer return to the Epicurean life he once knew.

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