Less than six weeks after the end of the broadcast of the second season of the High School Musical series, the American streamer has (already) ordered the third part of the famous original creation. The fans are delighted and we can't wait to find their favorite high schools soon on their screens.

However, the new season will not take place in the corridors of East High. The new episodes will follow high school kids to a summer camp for a summer of campfires and romance. The third season will therefore relocate to Salt Lake City in Los Angeles.

We will find Joshua Bassett (Grey's Anatomy), Sofia Wylie (Andi), Olivia Rodrigo (Bizaardvark), Kate Reinders (Work It), Matt Cornett (Bella and the Bulldogs), Julia Lester (Bella and the Bulldogs), Mark St Cyr ( Lovers Forever), Larry Saperstein (Fan Girl), Frankie Rodriguez (Call Me Daddy) and Dara Renee (Freaky Friday).

The famous American streamer has yet to announce a release date for Season 3 of High School Musical (the series). As of yet, filming has not started, but while we wait for more, check out the schedule of new releases coming to Prime Video.

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