Foundation Episode 2: Explanation of the end! Gaal and more.


Foundation is available on Apple TV +! If you want to know the explanation for the end of Episode 2, read on! Foundation Episode 2 continues to develop its expansive saga, with tumultuous changes in the Galactic Empire, as Hari Seldon's team goes into exile. The screen adaptation of Isaac Asimov's famous book series spans over a thousand years and slowly begins to reveal its many moving parts. 

However, that doesn't mean the series doesn't have its thrilling moments, and Episode 2's cliffhanger probably left you, like many others, absolutely bewildered. What happens next? If you want to know when Episode 3 will be released, read this. We tell you all about the end of Episode 2 of Foundation on Apple TV +!


Foundation Episode 2 doesn't explain Raych's apparent betrayal, but it does suggest that Raych and Seldon's relationship has deteriorated for some time, with Hari trying to force Raych to do something against his will. The most plausible motive for the murder was Seldon's desire for Raych to kill him because his existence within the Foundation was a surprise to him.

Gaal, meanwhile, was shipped into space in cryogenic suspension. Nothing in the Foundation is accidental, so it will likely be picked up by another ship, but where will it be taken, if not to the Foundation? Episode 2 offers no clue on this point. The cryogenic suspension could be a clever plot device to allow Gaal to continue to be important to the ongoing narrative in the TV series, allowing him to reappear decades later.

As shocking as the events of Foundation Episode 2 are, what is most disturbing is not Hari Seldon's death but Gaal Dornick's realization that there is a flaw in his calculations. That's what made Gaal rush to Seldon's room, and if she's right, the whole Foundation project is flawed.

It is not known whether Hari was aware of these loopholes or not. He may not have been honest and preferred to carefully narrow down crucial information to make sure his plans come true. But if he's not the master of the psychohistory that he believes he is, and if he's miscalculated, then Hari might have played the fate of the entire galaxy and lost. The future of the entire galaxy is at stake again because of Gaal's awareness.

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