On The Verge Season 1: End Explanation!


On The Verge is available on Canal +! If you want to know the explanation for the end of Season 1, read on! Episode 12 opens with Justine waking up, and Jerry calls him, he had an extracorporeal experience where he saw himself as a "giant pig" and thinks he will never have Rebecca.

Justine tells her that she is also a boar and that the beast is in her. Of course, this is all a metaphor for how she feels. Conflict swarms in his mind. As she goes downstairs for breakfast, her husband Martin is attentive, and the guilt of her affair kicks in even more.

Before the episode heads to the paintball shoot, Yasmin learns that the secret case against her husband has been closed, and is no longer needed. She seems disappointed, which says a lot about her state of mind. We tell you everything about the end of Season 1 of On The Verge on Canal +!


Martin's failure in his own career as an architect made him unbearable, mean, and somewhat cruel. At first, Justine seems to come to terms with his obnoxious behavior, but that changes as her world expands after the publication of her book.

Finding that some people are impressed by her creativity, humor, and talent, she learns to respect herself. His friends are also helping him on this journey. During a visit to San Francisco to promote her book, she meets Francisco Ortega, an Argentinian chef. They spend a wonderful day together, which culminates in a passionate night.

It turns out that Francisco is also married. But he confesses to Justine that he cannot live without passion in his life. Back in Los Angeles, Justine is overwhelmed by guilt. That's when Martin decides to change his behavior, but only because one of his designs has finally been approved. When Francisco announces to Justine that he is going to accept a job offer in Los Angeles and move there, she is still hesitant to end her marriage.

But Martin's behavior when the news anchor talks about COVID makes him realize that he will never change. And it is this awareness that makes him make the decision.

Ell and her family become famous. They create a channel called “Priceless” on a video-sharing site and start posting the videos they record. Soon after, the channel began to gain popularity as their videos documenting their lives and those of those around them attracted more and more views.

Once, Ell and Kai are even recognized in a mall. In the Season 1 finale, the video they post about the paintball brawl goes viral, leading Ell rightly to remark that their lives are about to change.

During the paintball competition, Yasmin tries to eliminate his son earlier than expected so that he is not seriously injured. But it backfires on her, and she ends up hurting him. At the end of Season 1 of On The Verge between her and William, the latter essentially asks her to be honest with him, which makes Yasmin remember all the secrets she kept from her husband.

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